Liza Clifford Studio : Sports Bra

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

During my fitting at Liza Clifford Bra Studio I learned that for years I have been buying the wrong size bra! I’d been purchasing a 44DD when in fact my correct size was a 38GG.

Liza Clifford Studio is size inclusive, (a term I learned from Hayley Joy) meaning it caters for woman of all sizes.

The sports bra is AMAZING! I could jump up and down and with proper support, my breast stayed where they are supposed to. (Not knocking me out for example. 😁)

Although I love beautiful lingerie, this bra was the game changer for me. I finally found a sports bra that I could put myself in any of the Yoga positions I’ve attempted feeling self-confident. Pair that with some Hayley Joy leggings and it is a total winner!

I wish you enough,



Restaurant Review : Ikigai – Artisan Coffee Bar & Deli in Swellendam

If Ikigai – Artisan Coffee Bar & Deli in Swellendam was a suburb in Jozi, I would totally go with contemporary Dainfern. Clean lines, minimalist and upmarket.

A Gourmet Milkshake (usually means your milkshake got a bit dressed up and is sticky around the edges) will only set you back R39 and a Gourmet Ciabatta Sandwich almost R80.

Ikigai - Artisan Coffee Bar & Deli in Swellendam

My gut really thought Mozzarella Ciabatta Sandwich as it had Basil Pesto which I love and Avo, but I felt husband pressured into the Lamb version (to the slaughter). Ag, I was feeling subservient that day. Dion had the best selling Chicken Ciabatta Sandwich.

Short story, the Chicken was da bomb and I disliked the Lamb. Not enough Hummus and too much of Pepper. Ek like mos nie Pepper nie. I charmed Dion out of most of his food because he liked the lamb, mos.

Ikigai - Artisan Coffee Bar & Deli in Swellendam

Milkshake, Coffee and Millionaire Shortbread type biscuit were delicious. Loved. 💟

They also sell all kinds of upmarket decor and fancy gifts. Nicely displayed and priced accordingly.

Ikigai - Artisan Coffee Bar & Deli in Swellendam

Definitely worth a visit if you into fab coffee en so, and you like Dainfern. 😊

PS. I forgot to ask if they bake their own bread, but the bread was delicious!!

Restaurant Review : Tredici Swellendam

Let us not confuse being a touch above with pretentious. Tredici, thirteen or a baker’s dozen, delivers that little bit extra.


This beautiful double volume building just off the N2, with its Artesian bread, is not for the budget beaters but all about indulgence, pleasure – the experience.

I ordered an open pork belly sandwich and Dion the pork neck burger. It was delightful. Fresh ingredients, tasty, and scrumptious. Attentive, friendly, good-humoured service. Enjoyed the coffee tremendously. Love! The Artesian bread is worth another mention.

Originally I was in search of a homemade pasta dish. Gnocchi preferably. Like many establishments, I’m sure Tredici’s pasta sauces and flair would have been tremendous, but their pasta is not homemade but store-bought. This extra touch would have been the orgasmic touch for me. Alas…

… at the end of the storm

A mom and son sits next to me and the accent immediately catches my attention.

I pull a Liam James and speak to strangers asking where in the UK they are from. Liverpool. I tried, I really did, but I felt my eyes water all the same.

The only thing that console me about Kev relocating to the UK next month. Annfield.

Hold your head up high and don’t be afraid…

I wish you enough,

Kev’s mom.

Dance me to the end of love.

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

My life has never been uneventful. Things have happened to me in life that I did not want and did not deserve. Just like you.


I’ve also allowed events and encouraged people to happen to me. Good and bad! My stupidity in motion can be exceptional for the level of intelligence inside this beautiful hurricane I am.

There has been a great amount of deep sorrow, regret and insurmountable heartache in my life. Perhaps also for you.


I’ve learned that pain demands to be felt. Grieving people I have loved that I have lost to both life and death. Grieving my own doing at times There is no way around it. The only way is through.

I don’t believe that “what doesn’t kill you make you stronger”. What a silly statement. What doesn’t kill you simply wasn’t strong enough to kill you. Duh.


At the same time, my life has held unimaginable joy, spontaneous, unbelievable pleasure and massive amounts of adventure and buckets full of grace. In the same way, happiness demands to be felt. Just like pain. Celebrated without shame!


I aim to reach the very core of every experience and emotion. I didn’t know this at the time, but I’ve realised with intense therapy, self-assessment and reflection that I’ve actually done this all my life. If it is a positive or a negative situation, I would put on the cloak and wear it out. Till it fell off me in slithers. No glitter guys. I am my own worst judge, jury and bondage, master.


Regardless, I’m often overcome with overwhelming, overflowing, huge rushes of unexplainable feelings of love, joy, laughter, gratitude and thanksgiving. I find myself not knowing how to contain my happy and it will come rolling down my cheeks and my eyes will see anew.


I love being alive! I’m so delighted I’m here to drink bubbles, cry and perform in my car when music is beautiful, quiver under the touch, hug my kids and people I connect with and get slapped on the ass as I leave the room. Eat exquisite food, taste a foreign liquid and appreciate it for what it is, stand in the rain, hear laughter – often my own loudly. Just being physically touched or when somebody chooses to spend their precious time with me. So much joy! What a wonderful delight!

You honestly have no idea as to my level of abundant love for life, loving and giving, and how close I’ve been to losing it this year. Twice.


To everyone who loves me in their own special way, who supports in a million different ways, who lights my way, who brings me joy, who tries to lighten the load – thank you.

Hayley Joy and Liza Clifford you came out of nowhere and changed everything! It is so much more than a collaboration when your heart connects.

From the man who has worked so hard to be who he is today, who sleeps next to me, to my many, many magical children, to friends across the world I have never met who continues to walk with me. Thank you.


Sincerely, I wish you enough,


🌿 🥂

PS. Let me not write a Thanksgiving letter now. It is not time yet.