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Day 11 → Something people seem to compliment you the most on.

Hope is the feeling we have that the feeling we have is not permanent. 

~Mignon McLaughlin, The Neurotic’s Notebook, 1960

I have 14 tattoo’s at the moment – all meaningful, all specifically chosen. I get complimented most on my “hope” tattoo on my left wrist which I had done in December 2009.

I can safely say that not a single day goes by without somebody commenting, mentioning, asking, pointing out this tattoo and compliments are plenty. Commenting on the design, the placement, or the pain at that spot on the body, to have such visible tattoos or simply how pretty it is…. many, many people have said to me they wish they were as brave as me. 

Funny how I’ve never seen my tattoos as a sign of bravery… addiction maybe, a need for expression absolutely, a healing for the hurting perhaps, or a way to tell my story or purely decorative… but brave? I don’t know about that.

10 responses to “Day 11 → Something people seem to compliment you the most on.”

  1. What about your most sexy, stunning and beautiful smile??
    What about your love for others ??
    What about your tolerance and understanding??
    What about what a great Mom you are??
    What about your eyes that can see right into my soul and that I can see right into your soul with??
    What about your genuine concern for others??
    What about being the most honest and open friend anyone can ever expect??

    My love….You blogs are really awesome and open and honest but I must say that the things above are just some of the things you should be complimented on daily and I think you missed a trick here with this post…….. Although I also absolutely love that tattoo!

    Love you


  2. I do love that tat. It says so much. I still think you have stunning hair and breasts though.


  3. I also love your tattoo!


  4. Your smile. Your ability to creat the perfect party … everytime. The stunning photo’s you take – especially from yourself (hoe doen jy dit?). Ek stem saam met jou man … jy is soveel meer as jou tattoo’s.


  5. I think you have the most awesome presence – that would be what stirkes me first.

    You know our little C fell completely in love with you and your tattoos – he talks all the time about “die tannie met die mooi perntjies”


  6. hehe, i agree with you saying your tattoo’s are an addiction. had i the money, i would have MANY more!!


  7. That is a beautiful tattoo. I can’t remember if I have seen pics of any of your other tattoos.
    I am about to have my first ever tattoo. I am super excited and I must say that the pain (which everyone is always so eager to warn me about) has not even crossed my mind. I have given birth already. Twice. Once without drugs. Surely the pain cannot be worse than that?


  8. I like that tattoo too
    LOVE all the comments by Sir Noid too 🙂


  9. I love all of your tattoos!
    And I also love all the comments from Sir Noid 🙂 It warms my heart to see a small glimpse of his devotion to you 🙂


  10. I do think you are very brave,to face all those needles…i am still a baby, maybe when i am big lol…


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