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Day 15 → Something or someone you couldn’t live without, because you’ve tried living without it.

It is the most hilarious thing in a non stand up comedy kinda way. Bring a group of generally bi-polar or even just regular depressive folk together (there IS a difference my friends) and very few of us actually WANT to be on medication. 

For many medication is the difference to being totally bloody bonkers and leading a more stable, less anxious, less depressed, less suicidal… I feel nothing because I am numb because of the anti-depressant side effects kind life, no up, no down… just dandy…. but even fewer of us show any great rejection of any other prescription drug!! 🙂 I always find this amusing…. and I am no different. 

I have been prescribed some kind of medication to ease these symptoms of anxiety specifically since I was 14. Many different types, over many different years… Some years I have gone without medication all together, other periods I have not been able to function without… but then, depression is one thing, ANXIETY… there us nothing like anxiety to make your skin crawl and make you feel your body is eating itself alive.

The something I cannot live without, and I have tried, is medication for anxiety. Might not be politically correct (but I have never been one for that thankfully) Xanor and I are really good friends…. we smile and wave (we may even have a secret hand shake) and go up in dosage every few years or as life kicks my ass. Very good, faithful but expensive dating game we play. I don’t care for the side effects or long-term addiction and Xanor doesn’t care as long as I am not anxious. It works for us.

9 responses to “Day 15 → Something or someone you couldn’t live without, because you’ve tried living without it.”

  1. Ai yes, I think you have 100% the right attitude. My case is extremely mild and I have manage to be on and off for periods of time – now off for just over 2 years and doing well. Sometimes I can hear the dark wolf pattering around the house, but until now he has not entered yet.


    1. Well, I call mine a faithful mistress. Never a time she isn’t hiding somewhere.

      The longest I have ever gone without meds is four years. 🙂


  2. I have no decent comment, but I shall not eat your cookies without saying a proper hello!
    So, Hello, nice to have you back!


  3. I love your attitude to this. I have quite mild anxiety and my AD’s seem to do the trick to keep it in check. Love your analogy of the “faithful mistress”. I hope you don’t mind but I am totally going to use that expression from now onwards.


  4. And here was me thinking I would get a mention of you not being able to live without me when I read the subject…….. I know I cant live without you

    At least I was your hero yesterday….LOL

    Loves you Babes and long may your two timing me with Xanor last.


  5. I think it’s wise to take medication for any illness, physical or mental, if that medicine helps…. and I think sometimes people don’t acknowledge mental illnesses the same as they do physical ones. If you were a diabetic you’d have no problem faithfully taking your insulin to function in a healthy manner…the same goes for mental health issues. I’m also a big fan of taking ‘mental health days’ off work! We need to keep our whole selves healthy.


  6. I have not walked in your shoes,so it is not fair for me to comment,all i know is that you are a brave lady and i take my hat off to you……..


  7. I love how honest you are about this. Like Cheryl says, you have an illness and you’re taking the appropriate meds for it. People should take a page out of your book.

    P.S: we all know you can’t live without SirNoid either 😉


  8. @Sir Noid: Telling that she can’t live without you would be stating the obvious ;)!


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