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Day 16 → Someone or something you definitely could live without.

Whenever it’s on it’s like having somebody in my house that I want to get rid of and they won’t leave.  I hate the sound of it.  All that noise and light coming from a piece of furniture.  ~John Waters

I am not a TV fan and can, and have been living very comfortably without it.

I have no overwhelming desire to have to watch anything, ever. The odd thing I don’t mind watching… but I can skip it just the same.

Since I now no longer have DSTV and no aerial (although I have a dish), I have watched ONE DVD in my room in over two months. I never ever want a TV in our bedroom again. I love a place where you can go and it be SILENT.

11 responses to “Day 16 → Someone or something you definitely could live without.”

  1. We have a TV there are some programs we watch but I’m not a huge TV person. The rule in our house is NO TV IN THE BEDROOM EVER


  2. I totally agree. Passion killer deluxe.


  3. When I had a TV in the bedroom I dreamt about being in infomercials.


  4. We also dont have a tv in the bedroom. I love the silence in the room. Nothing to distract you


  5. We like to curl up one night a week in bed with the baby and a Disney movie, but other than that no tv here either. I’d much prefer a book any day.


  6. Agree! We have 1 TV and 3 in the storage area under the steps! I refuse to put one in anyones room!

    Since we dont have DSTV we have all stopped watching and noone misses it. Life carries on – we talk, the kids play. Its GREAT!


  7. I don’t watch Tv either and am always bemused at how emotional people get about TV programmes! My life is involved enough, I don’t need to pin my heart on TV shows. 😉 Or try to schedule my life around it either…


  8. Mmmmmmmm.

    I hear you!


  9. I won’t allow TV in the bedroom – Ever. You wanna watch something – put the light on and watch me.


  10. We’ve been TV free for years and none of us miss it at all. But what amazes me is how I can’t go anywhere without one being on. Restaurants, stores, waiting rooms…everywhere. And look at everyone watching it, like zombies, whether anything good is on or not. There’s so much more I want to do with my life than sit and be subjected to the social programming and mind control of the TV!


  11. I watch TV and have some favourite programs that I follow, but it always amazes me how a television is able to make the time pass. You can sit in front of it and when you look again the whole night is gone and you haven’t done any of the things you were supposed to. I try to limit it my TV watching to shows that I really enjoy in stead of just watching whatever is on


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