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22 days to Thanksgiving!!

 Dear friends – 


Celebrated on the last Sunday in November, I started the tradition of Thanksgiving ten years ago. 

At the time, I’d been heavily influenced by American bloggers and their preparations for Thankgiving. It sounded magical to me. (South African bloggers were few and far between back then and clearly Thanksgiving is not something we celebrate in South Africa.) 

I loved the thought of creating a tradition, giving thanks and off course just getting together with friends and family in celebration. It is not a religious get-together… we eat, we drink, we say thank you for people, places, experiences… and it has always been a special occasion. It truly is my favourite “holiday” and incredibly special to me.  

Over the years the size of people attending, venue, theme and extravagance of the event have always been different – sometimes influenced by my circumstances, sometimes financial well being… but I’ve not skipped one. We have had champagne breakfasts, ice cream parties, braai’s, full on sit down lunches – all special in their own way. Each year it touches me and the those that attend.

 Being the tenth Thanksgiving this year I’ve chosen a simple tea time treats theme. I’ve asked everyone to dress up fitting a tea party…. Whatever that means to you… You wanna be Jack Sparrow, you want to be Alice in Wonderland…. You want to wear a rose in your hair or wear a Borat man-kini, a comb in your long sock… I don’t care – just have fun…. Wear a hat if that is as dressed up as you feel like coming! Don’t take it too seriously, just enjoy!

I’ve asked everyone to bring a plate of tea time treats (my kids are each baking their own something for their tea time treat contribution btw – I think it is safer for me to visit a home industry!), the venue we used last year has willingly donated the use of their facilities again allowing much space for adults and kids alike, and I’ve also asked everyone to bring along their cooler boxes should they wish to have anything more exciting than various flavoured tea’s and coffee’s.

Noid and I bought items for the party pack for the adults (packed by Liam and Victoria).  I’m working on something for the kids…. I so love this event. 

I have also been asking my SMALL business owner friends to donate gifts to the event as it will add joy to the event, and make my SMALL business friends better known and hopefully gain customers…. so, just to add to the fun, I’m adding a lucky draw this year (On arrival, you will be issued a number).

I am hugely grateful for the generosity shown thus far, and would appreciate more SMALL business friends who are able to give a little, to hopefully gain much.  Naturally, all these vendors will be given full recognition after the event on my blog, Face Book, Twitter and I will shout it from the mountain tops if need be. 🙂 I am never shy on gratitude and recognition!

I feel excited, humbled and completely thrilled that my friends indulge me every single year…. You all come, you all give of yourself… you all share…. I love you for it… I am blessed because of who you are in my life. I found a picture the other day of Oupa and Ouma at the first Thanksgiving… now in heaven…. Vicky and Russell now in America…. Victoria with a spoon banging on the table, sitting in her child seat, Colin and Tarnya now living in England…. *sigh* this is what makes life special – the details.

Thank you for being my details.

22 days to go!

I wish you enough,


“If you have built castles in the air,

your work need not be lost;

That is where they should be.

Now put foundations under them.”

~ Henry David Thoreau

8 responses to “22 days to Thanksgiving!!”

  1. I love that you do this every year & I love that we get to experience Thanksgiving thru YOUR eyes as a non-American. I can’t wait for the photos of your fantastic tea party ~ it sounds like such a wonderful & stress-free event compared to what we deal with in the States. LOL It’s an all day feeding frenzy!

    Your table settings will be beautiful, as always!



  2. I wish I could be there. Sounds great.


  3. Cant wait my Babes


  4. Enjoy. I wish I could be there.!


  5. Sounds absolutely marvelous! You are just in a class of your own. (Meant in a very good way, of course 🙂


  6. I’d love to be there one day…


  7. wish we were not so far away, I hope it is wonderful


  8. Thank you for the invite and thinking of us…since we will be new to this new tradition of the purple wenchy…looking forward to it…


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