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Day 20 → Your views on drugs and alcohol.

I did not grow up with drugs or alcohol. As a child I had no idea what drugs were and alcohol was the one whiskey Oupa Mike drank after the “Potch dorp’ game I accompanied him to on a Saturday afternoon. (How I miss that man.)

When I came to live with my Mom as a teenager I soon found out that alcohol was consumed by some in overdrive, like water really. My fuckwit step-father drank daily and the after effect were unpleasant. In retrospect I soon started dating a younger version of the step-father and alcohol was consumed very regularly since he was quite a few years older than I was. Alarm bells should have been ringing but in my defense people, I was 14!

As a teenager I had one incident of drinking rum, woke up on the wrong side of the Vaal river, with people I did not know and that was the one and only incident of drunken behavior from my side.

Once we were married I dreaded Friday’s like some would dread the anniversary of a death, or going to the dentist or maybe having hot coals stuffed up your arse. Every Friday he would arrive drunk, every wedding would be as if he had never seen alcohol before. Fuck, I hated it. I never drank then… nothing. Evil liquid that destroyed my belief in happy ever after.

So, alcohol – negative.

I have never had a single non prescribed medication – ever. I’ve not even smoked weed and I have no desire, need or inclination to pop a tablet of something or inject myself with anything – ILLEGAL. My sister however, shame – she thought every drug was for the testing and was in and out of rehabilitation. She is good now, but she is a recovering alcoholic and drug addict for a few years…. and is now high on Jesus. I’m thrilled about that addiction – it keeps her clean. Having to have her committed, the states I have seen her in, seeing what it did to my Mom to have my sister forcefully put in a straight jacket…  the places and situations one had to drag her out of… my poor sister, she has been there, done that and got the scars to prove it. She is one tough girl and I am proud of her…. she kicks ass when it comes to bravery.

So, drugs – negative.

Today, I believe in alcohol in moderation. I will now have a bit of vodka usually…. or a strawberry daiquiri. I never ever get fall down drunk and I’ve never seen my husband fall down drunk and I sincerely hope I never do. I don’t ever participate in any drug related activity although I have seen my husband on one or two VERY rare occasions smoke a bit of that….

My views are formed by my experiences and I don’t really see why you need to have either in your life. You can have a wonderful, fulfilling, fun life filled life with laughter and wild sex without ever have to partake in any substances.

5 responses to “Day 20 → Your views on drugs and alcohol.”

  1. I have to agree with you on this point of view. Alchohol is an unessecary evil. Although things get tough some days there are times when you really feel that it would be needed but what will the outcome be? I wish more adults would have your outlook on this situation.


  2. Loves my glass of brandy and coke after a hard day. Hate people that get falling drunk and especially those who have to look for trouble when they had a few. Never touched any kind of illigal drug and never will.


  3. Both of the above have the ability to destroy lives as you have mentioned and not only those who partake.

    I can like a Ricky Louw and Coke or a Katemba every now and then socially, as you know, but to be honest neither of them are an addiction in any way.

    You are an absolute star for how amazingly you have turned out after the issues you have lived through and experienced and I wish you enough…….. You deserve it.


  4. Natalie Archer avatar
    Natalie Archer

    Alcohol and illegal drugs are definately an evil is society. I wish more young people could see the effect it has on others. I too have never tried any illegal drugs and dont plan on it. I have never been drunk in my life. But I also do enjoy the odd Smirnoff Spin, Amarula. Nothing wrong with that…. I think.


  5. I like an ice cold beer when it’s hot and I also enjoy a glass (or two or three) of wine. Everything in moderation is fine with me. I have never tried illegal drugs (but if the government persists on their smoking laws I might be considered an addict soon).


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