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The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.

  • Everytime I see Noid’s wedding ring on his hand, I feel a small flutter inside my heart. We made it. Regardless.
  • I need to make a small wedding album. We did get married after all.
  • I would love a photo shoot with us and all our kids at some point.
  • I had mushrooms for supper tonight. Is all I could find in the fridge. Victoria and Liam had left over pasta. I don’t do left overs… okay maybe ribs and pizza but that is about it.
  • I’ve tried to eat better this week and I can count one, maybe two days where I did a really excellent job… the rest was so-so.
  • It was time for my phone upgrade and I must say MTN Norwood was a pleasure to do business with. Terrin was a gem.
  • I phoned numerous times asking questions (mostly, why does only the bottom of the range come in purple?), I took my clever husband with to ask questions (only to find the Terrin is a lady he taught), I have been over the purpleberry vs a proper berry numerous times with anyone who would listen…. Even Jenna (7) said to me one day, just buy a purple cover “Kwis” (she can’t say Chris)
  •  …………. and eventually when the day came, I took darling Liam with me and I decided on the Blackberry Torch.
  • Liam was demonstrating phones to all potential customers while I continued to ask more questions, declare myself very IT literate when told operating 6 can be difficult … and you know what? I was right – I am doing just dandy.
  • Phone is all set up, I needed assistant with the work calendar/e-mail but all my personal bits are loaded…. I did not think I would like the slide of the keyboard, nor the touch screen… but after playing with the Bold, I just liked the Torch better and Liam did say I mentioned I wanna be a cool kid!
  • Yip, no purple – but sexy all the same.
  • Thanksgiving is this Sunday. I’m nervous. It’s the 10th one.
  • People have been crap at the RSVP thing as always and I have not had the energy to go and contact each person to hear if they coming.
  • So… if you there – YAY, I love you more now… and if you are not – sorry to you. 
  • I have done what I can.
  • I am however VERY excited at what I have done!!!
  • One thing I have done different this year which I have never done before is ask my small business owner friends to donate a gift to the lucky draw!
  • Wow, you guys are the best. I have some awesome gifts to give away on Sunday. I think I may need to include my ticket because I can do with a gift also LOL. Dammit.
  • We are dressing up for a Mad Hatters type theme and in our quest for dress up clothes, I found this:
  • Think I will skip the blonde bits.
  • I’ve been getting use to having fish and chips on Fridays. Pretending I am Catholic, Hail Mary en so… even explained to the kids about Catholics but no money this week for fish and chip. So sad.
  • Noid and I did manage to see the wonderful Johanny Clegg in concert at Emmarentia. I loved it!!!!
  • Although my sales are not so outstanding this month, I am very happy and thankful for the support I have received for Tranquil Body Treats.
  • Leigh-Ann (the mastermind) has gone out of her way to assist me and I truly appreciate it.
  • It is different when you truly LOVE the product. When I get out the bath and I smell that vanilla on my skin, or the lemon grass in the mornings… it is magical… and you WANT to share that magic with everyone.
  • My Victoria (11) has been reading non stop. Think she is a bit bored now that exams are over.
  • She wrote the most beautiful poem the other day, that just stuck such a chord with me. I actually copied it and put it up at my office. 
  • One thing I can say, none of my kids are shallow. YAY!!!!
  • Kevin is in matric next year, matric jacket ordered… it says THE DARK LORD on it. LOL Fucking hell. I never said my kids are normal.
  • I want a cactus for my desk at work so people will stop putting their papers on my desk. It annoys me and I am mental enough already. I don’t need annoyance.
  • We saw Summer of Love at the Barnyard recently which was great fun.
  • I wore a shirt I know Noid hates, he pretended he liked it because it looked 60-ish… but the evening was really nice with pizza and Spin’s which my ulcer didn’t appreciate.
  • Noid’s parents also came along as well as many people from Noid’s work. I thought his parents dressing up was really cool. Seriously.
  • Noid’s two younger children stayed while their mom went away for a week. It went very well, except for a small mosquito war. Victoria looked like she may have measles LOL.
  • The smaller kids attended ExMi’s kid’s birthday party .
  • Lots of fun with ice cream and cupcakes. Yum.
  • There was a fun day for the younger kids at my work.
  • It was more proper than I thought it would be and I actually enjoyed it.
  • Since I moved branches at work I am 100% happier and work is once again a good, happy and successful place for me.
  • I receive many pats on the back, many compliments and I appear not to have been a fuckwit at all! Who knew?
  • I’m thrilled. I still earn the same, same hours – everything – I am just HAPPIER.
  • Noid and I are still living apart. Enough said.
  • Liam is doing fine. Hasn’t set anything or anyone alight…. he has been good at studying daily, since he fell in the pool and cut his hand open he hasn’t been so good at cleaning the pool… but we still love him and he is still beautiful as always.
  • He is buttering me up second to none to get my old phone Nokia E71. 🙂
  • Model text book child.
  • Kevin and Nic – also fine.
  • Kevin is finished with exams…
  • Nic has some subs to write… but they getting older, not wiser and eat more by the day.

…. so I will probably only blog again after THANKSGIVING on Sunday…. let me remind you that thanksgiving is a way of life…. and not just a single day to remember to be thankful.

Love, loves –



8 responses to “The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.”

  1. Loves You


  2. Hope the home issue gets sorted out soon. Glad you are happy at work again.


  3. When I see my ring and hubby everyday, I think too that we made it regardless many things which include 3 retrenchments throughout 8 years, ect.
    I’m happy to read that you are so happy at work currently. Few people can say that they are happy at work.
    Great post.


  4. Congrats on your new phone! 🙂

    As for the cactus…I have a habit of tossing anything that gets left behind on my desk in the bin. They stop appearing quick-quick.


  5. Great post indeed!
    Can’t wait to see the Thanksgiving photos and hear all about it! Sure it went really really well.


  6. 🙂 glad you’re happy at work again, and we all knew you weren’t a f*ckwit 🙂


  7. Very few people can truly say that they are happy at work. You are very, very lucky to be one of the few that experience this.
    I really hope that your home issue gets sorted really soon. Can’t even begin to imagine how difficult that must be.
    Trust that your Thanksgiving celebrations went well. Can’t wait for that post and the photos.
    ps…I love the picture of you and Victoria.


  8. Natalie Archer avatar
    Natalie Archer

    Its so good to see that you are so happy. So much has fallen into place for you.
    I hope that your Thanksgiving went well. I am sure everybody that was there was eternally grateful for all the hard work, sweat, tears and many phone calls you have made.
    Please send Kevin love from us. I cant believe that he is in matric next year.
    I have the same problem with the eating. I get up with the best of intentions to eat correctly but then I see something nice or the stress levels reach a high and pow there goes the health eating.
    Better luck for me tomorrow :0)


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