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I’ll take the mistletoe and wine

Officially schools are closed and after report elation and prize givings {all our kids did awesome} we move onto Christmas.

The entire affair can pass me without looking up to be honest. I could blame it on not being religious but I know from experience for many it is just a {holiday} season and has little do to with wishing baby Jesus a happy happy birthday.

I have not purchased gifts, nor put up any decorations. Will have to visit malls for the kids to see Christmas trees and Father Christmas but we live in a Jewish area, so Mazeltov and be on your way.

I did have a brief moment of Christmas spirit when I purchased gold and purple serviettes that say ‘Merry Christmas’… When my daughter, Victoria asked about putting up the tree I said I was looking for purple decorations. She shook her head and wished me good luck on my quest saying that is not exactly Christmas colours. Everyone is a critic.

I still adore my husband. He is gorgeous and wonderfully loves me.
My lawn is looking beautifully manicured.
Two of my Jewish friends gave birth on the same day and I learned one may not enquire about the name.
I am in love with the author Paulo Coelho, or rather is writing.
It has been raining for days. Yay!
My boss McBollywood is much appreciated and I am so glad I moved.
My other boss McAdventure buried his father last week. Knowing all about December and death, I feel for him.
I seriously love my engagement and wedding ring and find myself looking at it often with a small smile.
I have been typing minutes for days. Liam wants to know why they called minutes if it takes so long.
I love my Black Berry.

Having observed the patrons in the coffee shop, it is time for me to get supper and make my way back to life as I know it.


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12 responses to “I’ll take the mistletoe and wine”

  1. I dont have the Christmas spirit at all. Dont have any trees or decorations up, also wont put up any.
    You just reminded me again to put on my wedding ring again, took it off while pregnant. I want to change my wedding ring, want to put a stones in for every girl. Thinking of purple stones.
    All the people talking about the Blackberry’s, sometimes I want one and then I dont think I want one.

    BTW, you get purple christmas decorations, my mom has some that she uses on her table.


  2. loving the rain, except not being able to get all the washing dry in time.
    and glad you love your bb, mine is broken, and i’m seriously suffering from blackberrylessness 😦 have a good weekend!!


  3. LOL you make me laugh 🙂 Mazeltov and Merry Christmas to you too. May your days be peaceful and filled with love xx


  4. And I thought I was the only one who’s not into Christmas this year. And hey, the purple serviettes are definitely you — who cares if they don’t meet someone else’s definition of “Christmassy”?


  5. I have no Christmas spirit at all this year.
    Very strange because I usually love this time of year. I personally just want it to be over and done with. Maybe I’m just tired. Maybe the sadness gets a bit much this time of year. Maybe because for the first time in my life I am annoyed with Church and religion. I don’t know. I did indulge my kids and put up a tree for them. With lights and alles. I have not done a stitch of shopping yet. Luckily we are going out for lunch on the day but I do need to go and get them el cheapo gifts.
    I do want a blackberry. I also don’t want a blackberry cos I don’t like stuff that everyone has. It is time for an upgrade so when I go and sort this out this weekend I will see if the BB speaks to me.


  6. I wish it would rain here, because that would mean it wasn’t snowing, LOL… cannot stand the snow :/


  7. My Christmas spirit is getting less and less every year.


  8. Good statement Liam made about the Minutes of meetings. 🙂
    Although me and my family is religious & Christians, I myself don’t feel the Christmas spirit as of yet. Which make me sad. I know the spirit is going to strike me the day before Christmas Day.


  9. This is the first year in a long time that I actually feel like celebrating the holidays. I’ve always loved the holiday, even if I’m not Christian – but then I love the origins of the holiday too. I like the lights and the tree and the being together with family and all that 🙂


    1. I like the lights too smile


  10. Its funny that people go through stages with the whole Christmas thing.

    I am also so not into it this year because all it means is that the kids expect proper (spelled e-x-p-e-n-s-i-v-e) or they are disappointed.

    It has become so commercialized and i was very irritated when decorations went up in some shops by the middle of November.

    Anyway….Lets hope the family time is all good and we get to manage expectations on all fronts.

    Love you dearly.

    P.S. Liam…….Always funny. So special he is.


  11. I must be the only one in the WHOLE world that is very frustrated with my very new BB … 😦 … suppose it takes getting used to.

    Hope you manage to get your purple decorations.


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