Random thoughts after midnight

I am suppose to be sleeping but I am contemplating why after four months of living alone, I still sleep right on the edge of my Queen size bed.

On Christmas Eve, Noid and I celebrate our three month wedding anniversary. I miss him tonight….especially his thighs pressed up against my body and how he is always holding or touching me somewhere.

Not sure if it is the top or bottom, but I once again have tooth ache. Dentist has nicely explained that it is the inflamation from my bone illness projecting itself into hell in my mouth. An expensive and painful business. I just finished my last pain pill. Not happy.

Noid and I have approached Christmas very adult I thought and worked out when to see whom, what to give the kids {the most we can, while nobody can buy the feeling of being part of the Waltons’s but they will only realize this in years to come.}

It is our first Christmas as a married couple which makes me sentimentally tearful. I really do love my husband. No amount of current difficulty can take away that he chose me and not in easy circumstances. He has really made me proud, feel wanted and even enjoyed.

Last moment decided to do a proper Christmas card distribution along with biscuit Christmas trees my talented and gay friend Will makes. Such a talented family that. Anyhow so those close enough get biscuits and a card, others sorry to you, only cards. The biscuits are gorgeous!!! {I have not figured out how to insert pics when blogging from my Berry phone just yet}.

My cousin, Tiana, gave birth to a baby boy yesterday. They named him Ethan James….. after Liam James {James is not a family name btw}. That kicks ass. Imagine being 14 years old and you have made such an impact on the world already babies are being named after you. What fabulous individuals I raised. Mom and babe doing good which means they both crying and thinking what the hell just happened? lol

Exhausted……. I will try write more often for the four of you still reading, but right now…..sleep!

I wish you enough

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Author: WεηchƔ

In September 1997, “The Nocturnal Wenchy” started her blog. The blog remains painfully real but these days she is more of an intermittent Blogger! 😉

13 thoughts on “Random thoughts after midnight”

  1. There should be more than 4 people reading your awesome writing……

    The world is missing out!

    So sorry your tooth is sore again


  2. Posting the photo’s is easy, getting it the right column width is something i’m yet to master. 😉


  3. Congrats on the baba 🙂
    Liam must be so chuffed 🙂
    Definitely more than four people reading (even if I dont comment all that often, I read every post!!)
    Wishing you and your whole family a blessed festive season and an awesome new year!


  4. Count the comments, we’re at least 7 reading ;)!
    Thanks for still writing, even though half the world’s gone into holiday hiding!

    I wish the Waltons all the best for the holiday season, and more blessings than you can handle for the new year!


  5. Just have to comment so that you can see you def have more then 4 readers. Hope u sort out the tooth ache before christmas.


  6. Pain and love, both together. Such a perfect description of life.

    You know I’m jealous of you, right. I would gladly take that pain and more, just to have what you have.


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