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Some say…..

Hello dear reader, {and husband}

I am trying to be proper and at least write something for the seven of you reading daily. Ha ha ha! At least it is more than four and thank everyone who commented to remind me I am not actually talking to myself. Not that I object….sometimes the most intelligent conversation one can have!

I have run out of Christmas cards….I did go to have more printed today but in my wisdom didn’t take the bigger pixel size after cleaning up my phone, so I need to go back. Very frustrated with myself I was….especially as the shop is across the shop of Noid’s ex. One doesn’t always feel like dealing with the past.

I have sent out 65 and probably need another 30….and that excludes any international friends. Imagine if we did have a wedding?? Fucking hell.

Since I do not bake anything from scratch, I did order beautiful Christmas tree biscuits for gifts. They really are gorgeous. A batch in purple, and a bath in the traditional festive colours. They made me happy. My very talented friend Will made them who is the uncle of my darling adoptive son, Kyle.

I have still not done Christmas shopping. I know what I am getting Noid and Kyle and that is about it. I have asked for book vouchers for Christmas and putting in a perfume order for ‘Angel’ for Valentine’s day.

Thought occured to me today that I want my tombstone to only say Wenchy with the date I was born and died. Just whatever you do, never ever put me in a wall of rememberance. I have visions of all those people speaking at once like living closely in a townhouse complex and I was much fucking bigger in life to be a small plaque on a wall!!!! Oh and feel guilt and bring yellow roses, visit and tell me your stuff…..then I will spare you a small haunting. Oh, and if Noid saddles up some blonde bimbo with big breast halve his age within a year of my tragic passing, apple orchard for him. No plague.

Is Oupa Mike’s birthday this week. Sure he is eating Turkish Delight wherever he is.

I never did book tickets for ‘A hand full of keys’ this year.

I wish I could go on leave for a very long time and look out over the sea, but it was not be hot and humid but cool with a nice wind…and my hair will do its natural Diana Ross look. 🙂

My tooth is slowly breaking into little pieces… which I constantly feel as I remove it, bit for bit. Not a sexy thought that hey?

I lived alone for years after my divorce. It was tough in that besides never having enough money, I found socialising with couples and families dreadful so I spend time with my kids or alone. I was also physically very nervous on my own and lit the house like a Christmas tree on steroids.

It has been four months this week that I am again living alone. My personal safety issues seem to have improved and I have even managed to sleep with no passage lights. Okay, so the globes blew and me on a ladder rings of a circus elephant doing tricks, but still. I have no TV watching capabilities so I read allot and appear to have found some comfort in solitude. I admit, at the moment I do not feel very social and I much prefer silence.

I see Noid for short periods most days and I do see more of him on weekends. We do stuff with the kids when we all together and on our weekends alone we at least wake up together. We do speak on the phone, email and text so we keep in touch, but not quite what I would say my idea of marriage is although many have assured me it is ideal! LOL

Noid can play as much play station as he wants without complaint, eat whatever and do whatever else men living on their own do…. and I am none the wiser while I can read without noise and spend lots of time in the bath or whatever woman with children do.

Silly stupid examples.

I think I am over the feeling lonely part most of the time…. and have settled into a routine with the kids which is both scary as I guess comfort and acceptance have set in, but cautious as disruption will set in as at some point during the next year it will change again when Noid and I finally live together again.

Life is surreal to say the least.

Besides the mountain top wedding, 2010 can for large chunks of it kiss my lilly white exfoliated ass.

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PS. I am sleeping semi nakkid tonight to feel all sensual as I sleep on the edge of my bed. Don’t let the black silk granny panties put you off. Elisa is on leave and I don’t love doing the washing!

9 responses to “Some say…..”

  1. Definitely not a plaque on a wall person Wenchy. 😉


  2. Cheryl Nichol avatar
    Cheryl Nichol

    Because I know you love comments, here is one based on a common typo you’ve made that truly does change the meaning of what you wrote and I quote: ” I was much fucking bigger in life to be a small plague on a wall!!!! Oh and feel guilt and bring yellow roses, visit and tell me your stuff…..then I will spare you a small haunting. Oh, and if Noid saddles up some blonde bimbo with big breast halve his age within a year of my tragic passing, apple orchard for him. No plague.”
    It’s not ‘plague’….. I think you meant to write ‘plaque’. Your whole story could take on a new meaning, one in which I think you’d want Noid to have the ‘plague’. haha….


  3. I am reading – every day. Just dont always know what to say – seems to happen to me when pregnant – the words stop :-/


  4. Seeing that I am the non-so-proper and not user-friendly friend, I will be getting a small haunting if you decide to force me to buy black dress first!! As long as you chat to me when doing the haunting, all will be good.


  5. I also did Christmas cards this morning. Handed it out already. Very chuffed with myself 🙂
    Good luck with the Christmas shopping that still needs to be done.


  6. My mother told us that on her tomb stone she wants the words “Ding dong the witch is gone!” and that if we dont do it she will haunt us forever…
    Since Im pretty sure the cemetery will have a huge issue with that Im going to put it in initials “D.D.T.W.I.G.”, they cant stop that hey 🙂


  7. Thanx for still writing for us 7 (seems we’re closer to 10, actually 😉
    Gave me something to smile about while listening to the house, husband and cat snoring in the wee hours of the morning.


  8. Yay….I am number 8 of the proper readers who comment!!

    Miss you!

    I am not going to comment on our current situation as you know my feelings on that.

    I wish you had booked for handful of keys….It makes you smile


  9. Just to let u know I’m still here.


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