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Are we there yet?

Dear ten readers hahahah,

I am still trying to be proper and blog at least something daily. Someting my BlackBerry has made much easier. Dawn I am staring to get the picture thing!

A week or so ago, Liam, Victoria and I gave the pool a bit of a swamp make over and for maybe three days it did not look all that shabby. We could see the bottom clearly and everything.

Since the rain, the pool is close to overflowing and looks kinda exotic in a pond way. Liam being away, Victoria and I had a crack at it today. The gobler thingie on the side is working like a bomb but I cannot get that creepy to move an inch.

After getting completely soaked I came inside looked at the hole in the ground in defeat and wondered if Father Christmas could still add a last minute miracle and swing a reindeer wand over the pool and make it proper. Will let you know how that goes.

My Moo cards {Kev calls them my cow cards, they a business card for those that don’t know} finally arrived today. Yay! I am always a little bit unsure of the postal system, especially when it is an international delivery from previous experiences so am always relieved when my parcel actually get here. It had this tiny card that said something like ‘Hey! So nice to see you again!’ and it actually made me cry. Seriously.

Victoria very sadly finished holiday club today. She really enjoyed it. The wonderful teacher, who has become a friend of mine, puts so much effort into each day….the menu’s, proper crafts and just awesome fun atmosphere. She deserves a medal in my opinion besides just being a really nice person and pregnant.

My daughter did catch more than a tan, but thankfully the coloured or Portuguese blood came through and the girl is like B R O W N. Fantastic that my kid has a proper skin tone.

Btw, if I am dead in the morning, it is Paracetamol overdose. My tooth has now just crumbled…. every now and again I am removing bits… and it is so sore!!! I am hugely tired of this tooth crap.

Noid and I are finally doing Christmas shopping tomorrow. Living on the edge.

Btw, I made minute steak with haloumi cheese on proper rolls from Spar and they were sooo good. Winner mom I was.

I did phone my Mom to say we can only come for a short bit on Christmas morning. Although she got the logistics of the how and way, she sounded let down and I felt crap.

Did I mention my tooth hurts? …..oh and I am missing Liam who is visiting his father. Such a pain in the ass that boy can be, but I love him.

Will check in on Christmas Eve,

Love, loves –

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7 responses to “Are we there yet?”

  1. HA ha. I started Christmas shopping last night and finished off tonight. Sorry about your tooth falling apart. Will that take the pain away or does it just cause further complications?
    Surely you can’t overdose on paracetemol? Isn’t that the smarties of medicine or something?


    1. My point. Panado is like pretending but is all I had in the house and I can’t leave my sleeping kids to go to the emergency pharmacy….but I will tomorrow!!

      Night my friend.


  2. Sorry about your tooth. Wish I could win the lottery and pay for repairs.


  3. Maybe take something like iBrufen for the pain?
    Enjoy the last minute shopping today with your man 🙂


  4. Here’s wishing the Waltons a blessed Christmas and truckloads of blessings for the new year. May all your nice dreams come true!


  5. So i can’t even get the picture thing to work from my berry but it works for you once i splain it? DOH!! Am glad you got it right :):):):)


  6. I am so sorry about your teeth.


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