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Yes, I will judge you by your serviette.

4 January 2011 – So clearly I am not going for photographic brilliance this year. Merely things that catch my eye… and when well, I have a ‘thing‘ (read: obsession) about a serviette. It is beyond normal. My mom for instance only buys proper (the R5 for 200 won’t do) if I come visit. Yes, I will judge you by your serviette.

  • My Tranquil Body Treats orders took a big dip over December and January and that made me rather sad.
  • Btw, the vanilla hand wash and room / linen spray is currently my favourite. I cannot get enough.
  • I remain addicted to the Jewish Kichel biscuit. Sigh. In reality in tastes allot like those finger biscuits we make cars from at kid’s birthday parties – but not. More exotic. More Jewish really.
  • I miss my kids.
  • I spoke to Liam on the phone today and he was all normal and lovely…. and told me he misses me a million thousand years. 🙂 He is 14. When did this happen?
  • My darling Kevin got his learners bikers license yesterday. I was so thrilled for him, and petrified for me!!!
  • I can’t believe this is his last year of school….. he can’t leave me?! What will I do without him? Suddenly all this growing up doesn’t make me happy at all. 
  • I still need to buy the matric jacket…. which he had the words “The Dark Lord” embroided on. I didn’t raise ’em normal. No apologies.
  • Victoria is visiting her cousin Tayla-Jade and doing girl stuff. I send her a message every day.
  • I’ve left some messages for dear Nic but apparently his phone is not well, so I am not sure if he is getting them.
  • Douglas and Jenna’s mom got them BlackBerry’s for Christmas so I have been talking to them on bbm. Is a bit weird as Jenna only speaks in smiley faces (she is only going to grade two!) but Douglas and I have had one or two good chats. I thought it was nice they added me. I appreciated it.
  • This post by The Reluctant Mom hit a chord with me, as she often does. When I grow up I want to be cool like her. She makes madness sound so normal (and she will know what I mean). I love that. 🙂
  • My workload has increased hectic. I am not unhappy, however it was not as if I was sitting around doing nothing before.
  • I am surprised I am still so fat considering I worked my ass off today.
  • Not sure when I will be sleeping in the next year. Then again, no TV, kids who do their own thing at night, daily visits with husband, slap dash suppers – guess I will pull it off for the next few months till one fine day when we live a family life again. Is going to be most challenging pulling this work thing off.
  • Back to school stuff is mostly sorted. Haircuts etc still to be done. Still need to find two IT books for Kevin which seem to be sold out everywhere.
  • Our domestic and nanny to mostly almost teenagers finally came back today – a week late. Yay for that.
  • I am not cut out for domestic stuff…. although I did take one day where I cleaned very proper with products and everything (I was fucking exhausted!), dishes and clothes washing kept up to date, trash taken out physically my own self….
  • I’ve even attempted to do the pool by myself  three times now… while lacking proper equipment (since Liam broke it riding it like a reindeer and cut his hand and Victoria’s foot open) and I must remember to buy more chemicals…. and the pole thing when I have monies. So all is not completely lost!
  • Noid did do his bit the other day also, sommer diving in and doing stuff to the pool. Impressed I was.
  • Petrol goes up at midnight and I forgot to fill up my car. Not yay. Then again, I never remember to do this.
  • The pharmacy owes me 8 Xanor tablets. Best I remind them. Those things are worth gold some days.
  • I’m sleeping alone tonight for the first time in more than a week….
  • Although Noid really makes sure I have everything I need and more at his place, is very attentive (cooks, cleans, offers drinks) – I miss my house, I miss my stuff, I miss the feel of my pillows and decided I am staying home tonight…  
  • Also leaving there in the early morning to come open up at home while asleep is not very nice. Especially since I tend to wake up way before him and feel crap waking him to let me out…. generally living in two places at once is actually not fun as I, in reality, do not ‘travel’ well. No backpacking adventures for me.
  • Anyway, let’s see how tonight goes.
  • Must get the pool fixed, the garden service in…. and then I guess the selling of the house is next on the list.
  • I sat outside earlier and looked at the ivy growing that I planted myself seven years ago…. where there use to be nothing there is a garden now. I know the hardest part is yet to come for me personally… but tomorrow’s will be bright and I will plant new ivy in a new place which will be home… well, I will get somebody to plant it for me, I don’t really touch the earth in that manner these days – many things change in seven years – mostly ME. LOL
  • Did I mention I don’t do windows either?

I wish you enough,


9 responses to “Yes, I will judge you by your serviette.”

  1. I am sommer very cheapskate with serviettes. Best I stock up on nice ones just in case you pop in for a visit. I’m planning to try Kichel this weekend. You have totally got me sold on it.
    And I totally HATE cleaning. What a waste of life and oxygen!


  2. I love that you call them “serviettes” ~ sounds way more proper than “napkins.” ❤


  3. I don’t do windows either.
    And we’ll get you to take photos that are brilliant! 🙂 check out Shutter Diva’s on Flickr, and link to them on a blog post 😉 and look at Shutter Sisters


  4. i so get your message here…truly


  5. I wouldn’t like to “travel” the way you are now either. Not nice. I do hope you get to be a proper ‘one house’ family soon.


  6. Sorry my Serviettes are not good enough!

    Could not sleep at all without you last night. So wrong this “life” we are living right now.

    Get the house on the market already. I want to fall asleep with you every night Dammit!!

    Missing you ALLOT today.

    Loves you


  7. I find cleaning rather theraputic – I moan all the way but once its done I am happy 🙂

    I buy 200 for R5 serviettes – my children eat them!


  8. Hehehe…I don’t do windows either.


  9. I love serviettes! It’s a bit of an obsession and when we go out somewhere I will fold my pretty serviette and put it in my bag and then have to steal the person next to mine’s just to wipe my hands!


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