5 January 2011 – My darling eldest son came home to visit, so my love stopped on his way home to say hello. I love my BlackBerry but the camera is pretty crap….we were laughing and moving!

  • Woke up at 4am, worked, drank coffee… and waited for the world to wake up.
  • Hated not having my husband to cuddle up to.
  • Attempted world peace.
  • Got to work at 9am as attempting world peace made me cry and late for work.
  • Hate first x-person for not taking proper care of Liam while he was in his care.
  • Liam has been walking around with a massive ear infection.
  • Because of crap medical aid provided, R800 later, Liam is at least high on pain killers and antibiotics, with thanks to Brian whom Liam is currently spending time with.
  • Hopefully this medical aid nonsense is sorted soon, unfortunately not soon enough as Liam needs glasses urgently as school sent a small letter. Will need to put cash aside for that next month.
  • Liam’s school fees have gone up and a R1500 admin fee is due in January, beside school fees. Best I sell lots of Tranquil Body Treats, rob a bank ’cause selling my body won’t bring in much…
  • Oh, I won Distributor of the year for Tranquil Body Treats with another lady I don’t know! How exciting is that!!! I am thrilled!
  • Need to sell extra between now and first week in Feb, so please send in those orders!!!
  • Am working very hard and enjoying it. Challenging year ahead for me but I am enjoying it. Still so much gratitude that I got to transfer to a new department!!!!
  • Was told at work today that I am a stand up comic but funnier cause my material is real. I found that quite amusing! Funny apparently I am. Who knew?
  • I am flat broke after buying school text books,stationery and only some of the uniform. Ran out of money, not enthusiasm.
  • I wish I had the guts to go cut my hair like Sharon Osbourne but my hair is a bit like an old, boring but really a stunning colour security blanket.
  • I am bored with food…is bread food?? It seems to be in my diet daily.
  • Must not mention the word diet since I gained those few kg’s…..it is not even lots, less than a deformed hand, but oh it makes me feel yuck.
  • I poured juice over my bed. Newly washed linen. Ugh.
  • I wish Noid was here. I miss him very much. 😦
  • Why does missing hurt your chest if your heart is suppose to be just a pumping my high blood pressure organ?
  • PS. Xanor and Alzam is not the same. Generic being the same my ass…..is cheaper, but have to buy more to feel better? Nothing generic about that!

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