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6 January 2011 -This is where I found our domestic workers son, Khapelo this morning….in a box. 🙂 I thought he looked cute.

Khapelo is four years old and only speaks Sotho, but Kevin has taken a liking to him and all afternoon sat and taught him how to say who he is in English. It actually made me tearful that Kev sat with him with no prompting and just hang out. Love that….love Kevie.

I should be more proper and take nice pics with a proper camera instead of my BlackBerry but I am plain lazy! …. Just pretend its a new style or something!

  • I woke up round 3am this morning with hectic stomach cramps, made some rooibos tea and thankfully fell asleep again at some point.
  • For some reason everyone wanted to chat to me today. Very popular I was….had some intense discussions and always amazed that people share personally with me so openly. I am honoured.
  • I have very strict deadlines for myself work wise this year to make sure I meet all my deadlines. Everyday there is something I must have completed before I can sleep.
  • Writing that sommer made me tired!
  • I wish I was in the Drakensberg with Noid at our special retreat place with the fire place going and rain pouring outside. Noid would be doing that tender thing he does so well, where I can do no wrong….and we will drink hot chocolate and read..occasionally look up and smile.. We will make love and have dinner by candle light….all things we have done before that I loved. I think I shall put in a request NOW that we go and do exactly that for my birthday in June. Hopefully it snows!
  • My Mom and step dad have their birthdays a day apart. Sunday and Monday next week.
  • Dad is easy… He loves some Old Brown Sherry and I make him up a basket of sweets etc…he is all happy and always satisfied with so little. He is a good man.
  • My Mom is very ill and high on morphine. She can’t eat nice stuff as her sugar is not stable.
  • Noid bought her, her favourite, we don’t do cheap perfume {which was apparently his first mother in laws favourite also} some time back which she loves and uses daily. Apparently he is blessed daily cause she smells like she has always done. I am thankful he did that.
  • We can’t take her out, to bath is no longer a joy….so goodies are no longer a pamper and she has sores all over her body as her liver is not functioning….what to get?
  • Am thinking one can never have enough kichel? Her liver won’t know what hit her, she doesn’t have a kosher liver anyway!
  • I must drink more water, GHD my hair and apply lipstick many times a day. That may be the meaning of life. I will let you know.
  • I bought two conditioners instead of one shampoo…. Clever.
  • Noid organised supper and made me tea tonight. I love him.
  • I am sleeping in the same bed as my husband tonight!!! How exciting is that!!!

    I wish you enough,

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  • 4 responses to “thapelo”

    1. He is too cute! How sweet of Kev to sit with him. I’ve bought 2 conditioners, actually I do it all of the time. I’m so sorry your mom is so ill. I hope you can find something she will enjoy for her birthday. Enjoyed a peek into your day!


    2. I actually slept much better thanks to you being here tonight.

      I told you many times you have that effect on people that they want to talk to you and listen to you.

      I also wish we were in “our” mountains.

      Your birthday wish will be granted!!

      Loves you


    3. Kev is a gem. What to get your mom? When my mom was in hospital I took her a small i-pod ( buy a cheap one) and filled it with her fav music. It was a total hit.


    4. Hi Wenchy
      I’m new to reading your blog ! Helloooooooo !
      Not sure who all the people are that you are talking about, but I’ve subscribed so I am sure I will pick it up !
      Looking forward to seeing you in my email box 🙂


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