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7 January 2011 – Today’s lovely picture was taken by me, of me, in our very standard office type bathroom at work. Can you feel the excitement? Yes, also me.

  • Spending the night with Noid last night was a special kind of awesome.
  • We pretended to be Catholic and had fish,chips and onion rings for supper.
  • My tooth ache issues seem endless. Apparently related to my bone illness it creates infection between the bone and the gum and the only way out is a tooth…if that makes sense. I am a little tired of constantly being either uncomfortable or just plain in pain. It even hurts to smile….seriously!!!
  • I have generally had a great week with most being good days….especially at work. Busy but happy.
  • Liam passed grade 8 with really good results and although his school costs a fortune, they have no extra murals. I would like to find something physical for him to get involved in…..bear in mind that classically ADHD Liam is bored easily and in the past did not enjoy soccer or cricket ’cause it takes toooo long mom!’…
  • I think Miss Theatrical should return to theatre club on Saturdays to let all that over the top bits blow some steam….shame, between the gay father and the loud mother {if I was American I would have been from New Jersey no doubt lol} poor Victoria did not really have a chance of ever being a wall flower. Wish I could interest her in doing something physical but she has no co-ordination {me points to her dad} so gym with me hopefully regularly from next week will be enough.
  • Kev seems seriously focussed on Matric but anxious about what he will do the year following… must admit I am not sure about an answer for that one either…. He would like to join the gym… and doesn’t appear interested in school sports this year. I think he is gonna kick ass. He seems really ready for the challenge of finishing his last year of school.
  • Nic is big on forming his band this year {both Nic and Kev play guitar very well} and they busy choosing names. Not sure if he has decided on what direction to go with his studies this year…. It is his second year at varsity….but I personally think he should go study music as that is his passion.
  • Dougie plays every sport imaginable and reminds me hugely of Kevin at his age. Strange that since there is no blood relation, but they have plenty similarities.
  • Jenna-Lee does dancing, netball and gymnastics so I guess that is plenty for a grade two. She is very fluent in movement and I have really seen her leave the little girl behind this last year.
  • Noid plays golf and lucky for him has been able to do lots of it lately. I like that he likes it and much prefer him playing golf to watching TV! LOL Sorry love.
  • Me needs to get back to gym and walking….I still prefer walking outside more than anything. I love the feel of the wind, my Jewish neighbours saying hello on their way to do what they do….funny I don’t like country walking halve as much. I really think the city is where I belong.
  • I broke my new years resolution and is obsessed with my bathroom scale again….thankfully I have lost weight. Yay…. !
  • Schools go back next week… I am feeling the fear of the traffic and the school run to three different schools!
  • Noid and I will be together for 3 years on the 16th…. I love being his wife, for the past 3 months. He has shown me such commitment and passion to be a supportive, loving sexy husband. I have gained great respect for him in so many ways.
  • It is really special being in love with someone, who is also in love with you.
  • I am craving some ink….back of my neck on the left side, sligtly going down… I just love the ivy detail I have in more than one tattoo….. Not sure what yet, but I would like that very much. Will be tattoo 15 for me. Go big or go home hey?
  • I would really like to see my friend and soulmate….. I miss her so much!!! Mel
  • Last weekend before the kids get home, alternate weekend visits etc.
  • Wanna do Sani Pass with Noid again and have wild sex at the highest pub in Africa. Loved Lesotho and the fire place room we had….such great adventures we have had. I LOVE road trips, ALONE with my husband.
  • Okay….. till tomorrow!


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  • 3 responses to “bathrooms”

    1. Wish we were at the top of Sani right now.

      It is going to be a busy year indeed but I believe in my heart it will be an awesome and rewarding one on so many levels!

      P.S. I am also craving some ink but have no idea what or where just yet.


    2. I like that picture very much. I have been planning my first ink for months now and everytime something comes up and the money is not there no more. I am thinking of just doing it this month – before budgeting.
      I am also looking for something physical for my (slightly overweight) ADHDer. Team sports don’t do it for him so I’m thinking either running or swimming. Have to do some homework about this. And I don’t do any kind of sport. I actually hate it. Always have because I have zero co-ordination. My entire family is Western Province netball and athletics and volleyball and and and.
      Guess who is the odd one out?


    3. I miss you too. It’s been WAY too long since we’ve last seen each other 😦
      I’m kinda nervous about the week ahead. Roll on Saturday?


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