purple heart

8 January 2011 – This purple heart is made from Fanta tins and hangs on my stoep at home. I loves it.

  • Noid and I went to Killarney for breakfast today and get DVD’s as that is the DVD shop Noid likes.
  • I got to spend money on anti-inflammatory meds and a kick ass mouth wash that is used for post op care {there wasn’t one that just said you are fucked} that makes me feel very un-sexy and not want to kiss Noid.
  • I am thinking about work lots…. how I am gonna manage it all.
  • I promised Liam a trip to the sea {we use to go annually, but have only been once since my divorce} and between Noid’s corporate commitments and what I need to deliver at work, I am finding it hard finding a suitable date during the next holidays to keep my word…..but sea it will be… I don’t break promises to my kids.
  • My Ouma Chrissie’s older sister Connie died tonight. My Mom was with her as she wanted. The two sisters were very close so I am sure there must be celebrations in heaven. I like to believe, eve if naïve that we see those we love again. Now Oupa Mike can at least go read a cowboy book while they catch up.

    Okay…. Chat later.

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  • 6 thoughts on “purple heart”

    1. when you go to the sea please take us too…
      Aaron keeps asking to go to the seaside… dying to take him and swim in the ocean with him 🙂


    2. Sorry about the loss of auntie Connie 😦

      I have already made holiday reservations for March though its not at the sea … still have to steal to make the payment.


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