9 January 2011 – Noid made me tea this afternoon, served with crunchies his Mom made. Very nice, home made and lovely.

I appear to have a thing for biscuits at the moment = I will try any and all!!!….so much so it drove me to a pregnancy test!

  • I am enjoying the book I am currently reading ‘When hungry eat’ by Joanne Fedler.
  • There are plenty of Jewish references and we all aware I am secretly a wanna be Jewish person who knows how to make chicken soup and doesn’t show cleavage.
  • However, cleavage always win and I buy my soup from Woolworths.
  • The author abandoned South Africa for Australia which I respect but will never do me’self, there are many South African references making her world personal to me the South African reader.
  • While the title may suggest it to be a ‘how to loose weight’ book it is nothing like that, although the emotions surrounding are touched.
  • Separating food and emotions are hardly possible anyway.
  • For the record, I, who am a PRO in gaining and loosing massive amounts of ‘schmaltz’ {a Yiddish word for fat} the only way out is to eat less, exercise more and drink lots of water.
  • For me, that really has been the only way. A way I am currently needing a GPS for, but still.

    P.SM. Yes…. I am very aware the post starts off with crunchies made with real butter….you may as well just rub the fat on my ass to save time.

    Off to drown myself in water,

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  • 8 thoughts on “crunchies”

    1. I think it is time I do something something constructive to lose weight.

      lets embark on this jorney together and keep motivating each other.

      Love You


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