I miss him.

11 January 2011 – A picture of my husband that stands on my side table, next to my bed. I miss him.

  • My kids came home today so I am back to being a full time parent and a part time wife! After spending many nights together, I couldn’t help the tears when I left Noid’s house this morning. Our normal kind of crazy is about to return….
  • I am having terrible pain in my neck into my shoulders. I need a very proper massage, medical like. It is nogal sore!!
  • I am still working hard. Worked on something today however that totally threw me…I felt so out of my depth. Kinda despondent like. Oh well.
  • I went to bed just after 9pm. Woke up at 11pm, turning to hold Noid, only to find I am alone. Tears.
  • Went to the kitchen where I found young Kevin who has trouble sleeping also. Poured red grape juice with what looked like communion wine and back in bed.
  • ‘This is my body….’ After growing up in Church….I find you never forget the lingo. I even speak a fair amount of Catholic! 🙂
  • Kevin …final year of school. I can’t get my head around it. I wanted that baby so much, now he is almost a man. One more year to be Mommy….then the world is his. Love that child, we grew up together you know?

    I wish you enough

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  • 4 thoughts on “I miss him.

    1. Hanlie says:

      I hope that your living arrangements will be sorted out soon in the New Year. Enjoy this year with Kevin and good luck to him with Matric!


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