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Do you wonder wherefore Piglet? Do you?

Sometimes I wonder wherefore and why life takes the twists and turns it does….and just how the dice falls.

My Mom who turned a modest 58 years old today has lived a life of so much physical pain and reaching 60 would require a miracle…. heartache in many ways but is blessed with a fulfilling, loving and wonderful {also} 3rd marriage…. while still calling my father the love of her life… She had a successful career and the gift of the unbelievable unconditional love of her parents.

I wonder why my sister had to endure two open heart surgeries, in her madness of post natal depression gave up her daughter knowing she wouldn’t have the emotional reserve to raise her…bravery…..and the intense guilt she carries. I wonder how she survived her fiance, our Noel’s, suicide after an argument only to find him dead in the morning….yet be strong enough to care for my grandparents on their death beds and carry my Mom.

Then, there is me.

Sometimes I marvel and the depth and magnitude of the human spirit.

5 responses to “Do you wonder wherefore Piglet? Do you?”

  1. I often marvel at the depth and magnitude of your spirit and the amazing giving of yourself to those around you even when you are feeling a bit down.

    You are more special than you give yourself credit for.

    Love You


  2. i agree with your man…


  3. You write so beautifully. Here’s wishing your Mom better health in 2011.


  4. Wow. A legacy of strong, courageous women.


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