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12 January 2011 – My mug this morning when I made tea for the kids and I. I am a huge Eeyore fan. Bi-polar donkey.

  • Back to school for the kids today. Morning traffic was better than expected, but the afternoon took me the usual 90 minutes which just kicked my ass.
  • I had a small ‘woe is me’ tantrum which involved crying, eating and more crying cause I ate.
  • Obviously it wasn’t just about 90 min in a hot car with no working air con. Everything was just too much.
  • I did manage to be productive at work and home later in the afternoon and I am happy with my progress….although the stupid spasms in my neck and shoulders are still there and makes sitting for long very uncomfortable. Liam did rub me with some ‘Deep Heat’ which did help. Love Liam.
  • He told me today how he felt empathy for someone in his class who has to take more Ritalin than him, but also says the boy was climbing the walls so good thing he gets meds or how will he calm down enough to learn? I love my kids. They are real…they feel.
  • I miss my husband, but I am sure he is glad to have missed my crying rage this afternoon. I would have stabbed the poor soul if he told me to be positive or choose differently. LOL It just was not the right time for that kinda talk.
  • I really want to go for a walk but have not felt well enough. One of the reasons for the tears…I am tired of physical pain or discomfort.
  • Tannie Connie’s funeral was today. I did not go. I can’t deal with more death.
  • My Mom is having a really hard time. I wish I could do something….but I have no super powers.
  • I hear the dead boy Tim singing… ‘ Don’t worry about a thing….cause everything is gonna be alright…’

    Clearly I speak to dead people…. and they answer back.

    Tonight, I wish you peace.

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  • 5 responses to “eeyore”

    1. Sounds like there is a lot going on right now. I hope things start to settle soon.


    2. Yes, they do answer back. If not in words, then, in feelings, for sure.


    3. hugs…


    4. My mom also love every character there is in the Winnie the Pooh series. So I think it is cute that you like Eeyore.
      Hope today is better to you.


    5. Seeing as though I am not allowed to say anything positive I will not say anything


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