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all you need is love

13 January 2011 – I love Sharon Dold Designs and bought this little heart (and a few other pieces) while on honeymoon at Champagne Sports Resort.  It now hangs in my bathroom.

  • I hate it when bloggers write how they have neglected their blog. It’s stupid. You don’t owe anyone words you didn’t  want to write.
  • It is exactly 5 months until my birthday today. 🙂 Yay me! I love my birthday…. almost as much as Thanksgiving.
  • The text and stationery books are all finally covered with pretty shiny paper and plastic… thanks Elisa!!
  • I need to colour my hair desperately (very grey!) …. and I need to paint my nails and shave my legs…. maybe even get a GHD involved to feel proper.
  • Reminding myself every day… eat less, exercise more and drink water. So far I have the drink water down…. I did eat less today than yesterday, so that is a plus for today then, but exercise… mmmm not so much.
  • At the last moment, Kevin has come up with a list of stuff still to buy, get or pay…. so more to be done to get the boy ready for his last year of school.
  • I had to really give myself a strong motivational talk to get myself to work this morning, but I made it and it all went just fine. I made people laugh and everything …… and got work done!
  • Sometimes I even surprise myself.  😉

I wish you enough,



5 responses to “all you need is love”

  1. With exercise, doesn’t it lift your mood? I think that is why I do mine so diligent, because of how it lifts my mood. I too suffer from very mild depression and with exercise, it helps a lot. Even when I miss one day and on my rest days, I can feel how my mood is affected.
    The text books of my oldest is also wrapped and finished – Yay!


    1. Absolutely true about excercise, however like most other things my depression and anxiety has never been described as mild….so yes, if I can get myself to do it, the excercise has great benefit, totally agree with you.

      Right now depression, anxiety wise I feel okay but have had some stomach issues with my ulcer I suspect so I have not gone near the gym…

      I would like to do my traditional 4km walk just once before returning to the gym… I hope I accomplish even just that in the next week.


  2. Well, good luck with that 4km then. I’m sure you will succeed and I will be here cheering you along 🙂


  3. Flip, I just love that you post every day now!


  4. I got my three times exercise in ast the gym this week, & feel very proud of myself! It just gets to me that we can never let it slip…. You have to do it again and again…
    Lovce that heart!


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