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14 January 2011 – Picture of me, by me, after I had coloured my hair. Yay – finally! HATE it when my hair is not proper.


  • I finally coloured my hair today. Actually, I put the colour on before I left to take the kids to school so I did the school run with die on my head and eyebrows. Victoria had no issue with this understanding woman have to multi-task and at least “you won’t look like a granny mom” while Liam wanted me to please drop him a suburb from school. I made sure to drop him at the front gate, hooting and blowing a small kiss. 🙂
  • Is a small price to pay for them really, they had scrambled egg, toast and tea SERVED in bed!
  • Anyway, when I came back home I decided a face mask would also be the way to go, as well as putting red streaks that I love back in my hair. Noid tells me I look like I am from Boksburg when I do it, but I like it.  Btw, the base colour I used said the colour was “Cinnamon” but it still just looks dark like it always does.
  • Btw – I love that you guys love that I am blogging daily, but I don’t get how I have so many visits a day and so few comments. I use to be religious on checking who is visiting my blog, but about a year ago I gavee up on that and now truly don’t care – although a hello now and again would be fucking proper.
  • Okay yes, so I did do a lovely face mask from Tranquil Body Treats, the one for oily skin (I need some orders btw, I have had NONE this month, soos in niks), and I took my nail polish off and sommer scrubbed my feet for good measure to be extra fresh. Off course I also shaved my entire body.
  • I even did the purple GHD, make up and everything. Very proper I was today. This effort should really be rewarded with mind-blowing sexual interaction.
  • I love ivy. I opened the windows in the boys bedroom this morning and just looked at the stone path outside where there use to be nothing but sand and now it is all ivy… I don’t know why I love ivy so much but I do.
  • I have decided on an ivy something tattoo at the back on my neck, off centre to the left for tattoo number 15 and Noid, with trembling agreed. I am not sure when I will be able to afford this addition but I hope soon.
  • I still crave biscuits. Especially kichel. It’s like an addiction now, a comfort food, a must have…. it’s send from Satan himself to make my ass bigger. ASSHOLE.
  • My kids have been most proper. No issues, no setting things alight (not even each other), no shouting or screaming or Kevin making stand up comedy fun of his brother. Kevin is bloody funny however. 
  • I think men are from a planet much further than Venus and Mars. Men and woman just don’t think the same – period. Living apart, (5 months next week) has its advantages and disadvantages. My house doesn’t smell like smoke, there is no TV sounds in my bedroom, I can buy soup for supper and nobody asks where is the meat lol, I can put the toilet roll on any which way I like and spray my sheets to smell like vanilla (wonder if Noid would like that?)…. and I am not there to irritate him by sighing when I speak or turning on the fan, or telling kids to wash their hair, or to please not let the cigarette hang from his lips it looks yuck and and and – the disadvantages is that it creates emotional distance, we run very different households and our expenses are double for starters. We don’t fall asleep or wake up together, we don’t get to talk endlessly, nobody wakes you up with coffee / tea, nobody runs you a bath, or does anything special to make your day easier, you on your own – get cracking – we share small chunks of daily life and and and. (Off course the list is longer both on plusses and minuses as you can well imagine, but clearly we want to be together so the good outweigh the bad!)
  • I know from talking to other woman that they also need time, affection, talking stuff to feel connected to people, not even just lover types (even just friends) while men seem to have the outlook that connection just IS, you choose to be connected and then you just are. Woman aren’t wired that way.
  • For instance, they don’t see their friends for months, then they meet on the golf course, bump each other on the shoulder and that seems to be all that was needed for connection to be restored and everyone being close and cuddly in a non gay way, off course. 
  • Unfortunately, same does not go for male, female connections. We don’t give each other a small bump on the shoulder and maybe even a high-five.  Well, my internal self does not function on that level at all. So it is a bit crap as Noid and I build up the most wonderful connection over weekends alone especially or holidays such as December, then spend days/weeks apart (while visiting an hour or something a day) before we can ‘connect‘ proper again and the process has to happen over and over for ME, while I think he thinks a high-five will be fine. LOL Off course we phone and e-mail and sms and I just know he sends me smoke signals (I don’t smoke) and I love him and he loves me…. but the situation is not ideal, and we have to deal with rain and sunshine days. (Like all couples actually, even those living in the same house.)
  • Woman are seriously more complicated than men – can’t live with them men and batteries are too expensive to live without them completely. LOL (No baby – I’m joking!!! – I really do love you, even if I had a wooden leg named Smith you and you smoked yourself into emphysema on a rocking chair on the stoep.)
  • I am thrilled to see more people blogging openly about depression and anxiety. Nobody is ashamed to have diabetes but be depressed and you can’t tell a soul in case they THINK something negative about you (judgement). If they think anything but that you have an illness, they are ignorant and need education. It’s that simple truly.
  • I’m really tired of reading all about the Zodiac nonsense today.
  • My friend Tracy has made it safely to Australia for their stint of shall we or shall we not move permanently…. think they will be gone for at least the next three years.
  • My friend Vicky who did move to the USA last year, has decided to move from the Bible belt to warmer weather in Florida….. they busy looking for a new house. Sounds so fun looking at all the pictures!
  • I didn’t drink as much water as yesterday today, but I also didn’t eat as much and still a zero on the excercise. Bad Wenchy.
  • We must live in HOPE of tomorrow!
  • Btw, Noid and I met three years ago this coming Sunday. 🙂

I wish you enough,


8 responses to “colour”

  1. Your hair is lovely.
    And I will place another order soon. Just have to get stationary and uniform stuff and extra-mural quarterly payments out of the way.


  2. Florida now? Ahhh over rated place to live…..too hot in summer, and no break from people…ever…but then i live in a crammed place with thousands of people all around all the time…wishin’ ya da best !


  3. My face mask is finished! Waiting for pay day to replenish! Pregnancy is not kind to my skin!


  4. I even have that anniversary on my phone lol Your 3 year one with Noid.
    Men and women are TOTALLY different. Last night I told Poena best he not ask for sex ever again …. okay for like a long time …. after some things said in front of our friends and then this morning he seems to have forgotten. Selective memory on his part.
    Anyway yes, we are so different hey. Probably a good thing.
    I don’t know how you and Noid cope. Really don’t.


  5. Love the hair.


  6. Hello, I found you again – you seemed to disappear for a long time? Anyhow, you are still looking gorgeous 🙂 But i’m very confused about why you and Noid are living apart. Is it ok to ask why? You’ve just gotten married?

    Glad to hear your children have been behaving themselves – always goes along way to ensuring mentally sane parents!


  7. Also feel so ugly when the grey hair starts to show again, and always feel so much better once it is done. Hair looks gorgeous!


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