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15 January 2011 ~ My son Liam James cuddling in bed with me this afternoon. Gorgeous child.

  • Thanks to Noid I was able to get the remainder of Kevin’s stationery today.
  • Now there are just bits and pieces of monies I have to randomly hand to the school for IT costs, the famous and must have Matric jacket, more IT text books I have not been able to source, deposits for more random stuff and hopefully my son will then go forth and study, get brilliant results and from there I don’t really know what to do…he did great in grade 11 so no reason for him to slack now…..
  • Off course he has now decided to play cricket again this year! THE most boring sport besides watching golf on TV, but I am all for it.

  • Kevin is good at it and it will physically and mentally be good for him even if I only clap when I see the rest of his team mates clap since I just don’t get cricket. I think it is the math overload.
  • I did my first 4km walk for 2011 this morning in 48 minutes.
  • I am sure you are all able to walk faster in your sleep but for the same reason I do not wear high heel shoes since it makes me look like an elephant on stilts, I never run… My breasts would knock me out anyway.

  • I was very proud of me as I have done no exercise for weeks and I feel the 4kg’s I gained since my separation turned elopement, is all sitting on my face, while my hips is a more likely candidate. Either way I look crap {but my hair was really nice yesterday, sorry you missed it}.
  • Chicken and vegetables for supper last night and I am back to making choices one moment at a time.
  • I am craving kichel like a fucking rehab inmate. I will wrestle a Jew. Seriously!!!!
  • Been good on the water intake so if I can walk again tomorrow…. I may claim to be back to weight loss mode…. and may even show my face at gym!
  • Unfortunately I will no longer be Catholic on Fridays and visit the cheap fish and chip shop, so I will just feel Catholic guilt for sins committed or even contemplated.
  • Even Mary full of Grace will know how much I am gonna miss that fish and chip shop. «Fuck»

  • Scary since I have never been Catholic.
  • I see all the tweets about everyone being broke and I am in the same boat, except that I permanently live on that boat. Welcome during your temporary stay!

    I wish you…enough.
    The Wench

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    5 responses to “catholic”

    1. I will wrestle a Jew – ROFLMAO!


    2. I have done no excercise since the 2 lines on the stick! As a result I am rapidly turning into a marshmallow – its not pretty!


    3. i’m way too scared to look into my bank account ….. every unknown call fills me with fear. I’m sure it’s the bank, planning on taking all my house contents to pay off my overdraft….ai


    4. We will have to be Catholic at least once a month. The Onion Rings are divine and a bit of a Cheese Griller fried in FAT is part of the “monthly recommended allowance.”

      Everything in moderation they say


    5. If you decide to wrestle a Jew please call me – I have to see that 🙂


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