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18 January 2011 ~ Our youngest daughter, Jenna-Lee. Photo taken when I dropped the kids at school this morning. She agreed with me that morning came toooo soon!

  • I am thankful Lynne dropped the boys at school again this morning.
  • My new ID arrived with my new married surname with my picture making me look like a convict!
  • I have not walked today as it was raining and I did not feel for the treadmill or driving to gym.
  • My house goes on the market this week. Very mixed emotions for me on that.
  • I suggested lunch with Noid’s parents on Sunday. I try be proper. We going to a fanTy sounding place in Irene. Nice!

  • Best I walk before then so I can have pudding!!
  • Taking some strain at work…. besides that, my work PC is giving me issues again leading to much frustration!

  • The muscle spasm feeling in my neck and shoulders are back. Liam does rub me some Deep Heat, but when I get paid I need to go for a neck, shoulder massage as there is something unpleasant happening there.
  • Victoria is now in the school choir. Yay for Chicken! Can’t believe next year is her final year in primary school.


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    7 responses to “things”

    1. Gorgeous pic Wenchy!!! Ooh about the house. It is nerve wracking isnt it? Just put our 2nd property on the market too. I know it has to go….but still…lol


    2. Lucky you, I have been married for nearly 6 years and I still don’t have an ID book in my married name. Best I get cracking 🙂


    3. I have THE worst ID book photo in the history. Oh well. Thankfully not many people look at it. The one that got stolen was so pretty lol


    4. Irene is proper – dress nice and all that!

      Tell Jenna the mornings always come too soon!!!

      YAY for the house going on the market!!


    5. totallycooked avatar

      new house – new memories where everybody belongs – much nicer.
      we’ve sold our house – not easy to move but I tell myself the next one will only have good memories in it – sometimes we need to start again


    6. Nice Pic of Bolly

      Glad things are working out.


    7. I like the pic of you two’s youngest daughter. Irene, wow! I don’t have that much money. That area is just too expensive for us but congrats on being able to stay there. You are surely blessed.


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