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Milo Milkshake Addiction.

25 January 2011 ~ Late afternoon my daughter Victoria and I went to the shop as she is an avid reader {shame, wonder where she got that from?} and she had saved up the R170 to buy the sequel to the book she is busy reading. Proper grown up book….. I could not be more proud! She is 11!!!! Kick ass kid that, dramatic, over the top, but ass kicking.

Off course darling Victoria also did have to buy the You magazine as that is her weekly fix of reading about celebrities and she takes it very seriously.

The only time I personally buy that magazine, but I would buy a Huisgenoot….is when I am ill…and I am Afrikaans when I am sick.

At this time, I just wanna place on record the book agreement for next month between my husband and I…..

Anyway!!!! Victoria and I had milo milkshake before we tackled a spot of grocery shopping….which took a long time and we were quite exhausted by the end of it! At least there are once again bread, milk, cheese and Oros in the house….although I neglected to buy any cereals or lunch box treats…bright spark I am also did not buy kichel. Shocking. Have run out of money and enthusiasm now.

Work was cool today. I continue to love the actual job, the people I work with and the company I work for. I am once again in a happy place at work.

I did cry out of pure frustration in the bathroom at work today which had nothing to do with work, my lovely husband or my fabulous six kids!!

Tonight’s parents evening was a waste of time for us as Douglas is one year behind Victoria so we heard it all last year. One more parents evening to go for this week…

With great excitement we have told all the Waltons kids that we going to the sea side in 2 months and 1 day. I am soooooo excited. Our first proper family holiday!!! Accommodation booked, we are all set! Can’t wait.

Okay, the mascara is burning my eyes….goodnight and chat tomorrow!


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5 responses to “Milo Milkshake Addiction.”

  1. are you coming to cape town??? Whoop whoop let the countdown begin.


  2. Loves the fact that you are afrikaans when sick. Funny that we speak english to each other most of the time at work – so unproper of us!!

    PS: told the boss that I am not user-friendly … He agreed … He even told someone at his desk that he will rather ask the devil to make him coffee, than me … Just for the record, I make good coffee …


  3. Love Wimpy.
    A favourite hangout for my 11 year old and me too !!!!


  4. Milkshake looks yummy…..


  5. Cant wait for the holiday! Thanks for organizing!

    The kids are going to have a ball and we need to get away too for a while.

    I am placing on record the deal we had about the 6 books too.


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