26 January 2011 ~ We had pancakes for pudding tonight since Noah is building an ark somewhere. I do like the rain, never met Noah however.

Had a laugh at Liam tonight. He complained that they have not had enough Afrikaans lessons and he doesn’t think that is proper. I listened, agreed and I said I would e~mail his principal.

So Liam says, ‘Could you please wait until Monday before e~mailing the principal?’ I off course had to ask ‘Why?’ which is usually where the trouble starts with Liam.

Well…..dear Liam explained since he is a veteran at going for therapy, having been asked how he feels about stuff since he was five…. his fellow students have started confided in him….and well, he has already booked ‘patients’ into his free Afrikaans lessons until Friday.

I am also to note that he starts every counselling session reassuring all that what they tell him will remain confidential and according to Liam there are many sad kids out there and they can cry a small river.

I am also to be proud because by his own admission, Liam is always looking for a get rich quick scheme…but therapy….he is giving from the goodness of his heart.

There you have it….. My son ~ a 14 year old therapist with a heart of gold, a sense of humour and a trusted confidant that doesn’t charge.

Anyone else remember the movie ‘Catch me if you can’? 🙂

Scary shit indeed!

PS. Me being all for mental health and helping others, will mail the principal on Monday!

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13 thoughts on “Pancakes”

  1. You gotta love that kid!! He is special. Hope he can fit me in for a therapy session as well and that he will share his thoughts on the get rich quickly scheme.


  2. There was a reason I fell in love with him after 1 minute of meeting him, got a heart of gold that boy. …… mmmm “catch me if you can ” – yes can see him in that role.


  3. I love this 🙂 Would Liam perhaps have time and inclination to help me cure my 6 year old daughter of her drama. I’d pay good money for that then he would get rich quick 🙂



  4. More impressed with the apparent organizational skills of young Dr Liam than his good heart. Imagine having the patients booked, each with his allocated time slot. Good on him!


  5. I always though Liam had something special about him. Now I know! Good on you, you brought up a son who is caring & gives up his time for others, even if that is to be during his Afrikaans lessons (or lack thereof).

    Big loves!


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