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31 January 2011 – Picture of my goddess tattoo, off course taken by me with my BlackBerry…… I made sure the very talented Brent gave my goddess hips like me…. and she is holding a purple heart for bravery. I have chosen tattoo number 15 and have asked my dear husband for it as a Valentine’s gift. 🙂 Gonna be a sore one!!!!

“I am a canvas of my experiences, my story is etched in lines and shading, and you can read it on my arms, my legs, my shoulders, and my stomach. “
— Kat Von D

  • That is exactly how I feel about my tattoos…. it’s my story, my decoration, my security blanket, my joy, my pain…. my rush… my addiction…. 🙂
  • I would really like this book. 
  • Would have been great if I looked like her, but I don’t.
  • I do wish I could tattoo my entire top of my arms… I HATE THEM….. that way they will look pretty and tell a story…. instead of just flabby and horrid.
  • I had a client have a small shout at me today for something my boss messed up…. Off course all I could do was put a smile in my voice, try to enjoy her making ME feel like *I* PERSONALLY fucked it up and agree that off course the client is correct….. after which I told my boss I will have to hit him with a lead pipe in the library and he can call me Miss Scarlett. I don’t know when I was last so angry, or felt so raped and abused by WORDS. *sigh*
  • I felt like I needed a bath.
  • Every night I promise myself I must go to sleep earlier… every night I don’t. Silly Wenchy.
  • Dreaming of escaping to the Drakensberg with my husband. I love being alone in the mountains with him.  Besides Champagne Sports Resort where we got married *smile*….. there is another spot we LOVE visiting …. it is silent…. homely but private…. sensual and relaxing…. and Noid’s smiles in the mountains are different to any other place I have ever seen him.
  • Perhaps it is because we do not have enough time together, never mind ALONE….. I crave his attention, affection, uninterrupted. I need him. I want him. So glad he is MINE.
  • As I write this, it is 53 days, 6 hours, 20 minutes, 23 seconds until we go on our first Waltons Family holiday by the sea.
  • Six kids, two adults…. and the coast. 🙂
  • I must admit, I am rather excited…..
  • We have been away before with the kids, but never just Noid, me and our kids.
  • Planning on spending lots of family time – braai’s and laughter…. surf and sand… golf for Noid, reading for me… ice cream in cones, tidal pools…. seeing the sun rise and set over the sea is always special…. walking hand in hand with our kids all around us…. little bits of heaven that. Can’t wait!!!
  • Mel and her family should be in the area also, along with Heather and her family…. perhaps even Shireen… ahhhh an SAMomsOnline reunited get-away…. has it really been that long? 🙂
  • I wish you friendships that last forever.


    9 responses to “Goddess”

    1. I hate when customers do that, after the same has happened to me I tryu to be more aware of my words.


    2. How wonderful – a holiday at the beach. they are so different to others. There is a different feeling about being at the sea. I am fortunate to have inlaws who live at the sea – one road from the beach. We spend lots of time there. it is so good for your soul – you’ll see. xx


    3. Us meeting up at the sea, 700 km away, yet we don’t see each now…just 200 km away lol I can’t wait 🙂
      I wonder if I tatoo my wrist, if it would take away the scars?


    4. Your holiday sound like bliss.


      1. I really feel for some bliss!


    5. I think we are also going to be at the coast around that time – but just 3 days at Sanlameer – trying to find a berg spot for the rest of the time.


    6. Cant wait for the holiday as well!

      I miss you when we not together Sommer baie!


    7. I have been wanting to go and have myself tattooed for months now. Every single time without fail something comes up and I have to use the money that I’ve set aside for it for some or other emergency. Am thinking of just doing it at end of Feb. Guess we ain’t going to eat in March.


    8. Love tattoos. Love Kat too.
      But I only have 4. Biggest of which is on the cards to be lazered off to fix. Ouch.
      My loveli-est one is my daughters name on my wrist in indian henna style (good job I have only one sprog !)


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