“Hanna Hoekom”

Monday, 28 February 2011 – Me in my bedroom….. Victoria, Liam and I watched “Hanna Hoekom” which has a huge resemblance to ‘The Walton’s’ if I am honest.

  • I again shared the title of “Distributor of the month” for Tranquil Body Treats. I actually cried. Is silly, is a small thing but it makes me happy.
  • I have set myself a proper target this month and I need ALL the help I can get to reach it… so please be kind, and spoil yourself with a bit of a body treat. If you would like to be added to my mailing list, leave me a message. 🙂  I need the validation!
  • Saw a gorgeous “South Africa” bag at the Rosebank flea market on Sunday. Looked too expensive to ask the price, so I didn’t. 😦
  • Am really happy with the gift bags idea so far for my birthday….. now for the presentation of such…. and decoration.  It is ONLY 103 days, 20 hours, 34 minutes, 39 seconds to go to until when I was born you know. :p
  • So far Kev is flying into his Matric year… two A’s for these set of exams. He is making me very proud.
  • I am feeling a tad lost at the moment…. anxiety present but not overwhelming, but I am not feeling depressed.
  • Noid is in Swaziland on conference and I miss him. During the week we do not spend much time together, but right now it feels like I am missing a limb. I want to have a small cry and go howl at the border post until he gets back!
  • Our elopement caused much emotional upset and has influenced my level of closeness and trust in friendships. There is nobody I am spending much time with in reality, only our kids and Noid. I work, I take care of kids, I see Noid when I can and that is my life right now.
  • I feel excluded. Not overwhelmed by invitations – I am not pregnant, I am not planning a wedding, I am not building a new business, I am not loosing weight or excercising…. I seem to have little in common with anyone and feel I’m not missed. Yes – pity party. I hate feeling like I never mattered at all.
  • I’m exhausted beyond explanation on every level imaginable.
  • I am hungry – all the time. It’s disgusting.
  • I’m in love with Milo milkshake from Wimpy.
  • My neck and shoulders feel in permanent spasm. It’s sore and must piss off. I don’t have time for this crap.
  • Work …. I am happy with what I am delivering, watching the drama unfold slowly. Hoping for more of a romantic comedy than a horror movie.
  • Isn’t that lovely? My friend Fiona made that picture for me. Thanks Fi.

Night my friends


~ no polka dot bikini

Sunday, 27 February 2011 ~

Noid un enthusiastically left for Swaziland this morning. I admit to crying. 😦

I got to spend time with Douglas (10), Jenna (7) and Kevin (17). The rest were all over the place. I had a great time. It was funny to see us all in new clothes today! Ook min gewoond en so. *wink*

We booked our tickets at the movies to see ‘Big Mamma’. Not my first choose but it seemed everyone else had seen ‘Tangled’ I had hoped to see, and it was the most kid friendly movie.

Exclusive Books were next where Jenna sat on my lap and we read about a cat.

Off to Rosebank Flea market. We had croissants, looked at books and as I had a very specific guest gift in mind for my birthday lunch, this was the place to be. Yes, the smaller, intimate affair of a buffet luncheon. I got exactly what I wanted! Yay!

I would still like some yen type stones and candles to decorate the tables…… then all is done. Would love to arrange a welcoming cocktail, but sjoe…. so much of monies.

So far I have mentioned one idea for his big birthday in July and Kev is leaning towards an Indian cuisine restaurant. I don’t do Indian…. So naan for the woman he gave stretch marks. LOL

Anyhow! Back to the movies with popcorn, slush puppies and smarties. The movie was predictable but entertaining and no complaints from the kids.

Had to stop at Clicks for lunch time treats and meds for a cold sore. Sexy!

Off to Woolworths for few things where Kev played guitar, Douglas was doing rugby stuff on my PC from a collection book he wanted. Jenna was doing Hello Kitty stickers while I tidied up…..and we watched some Hannah Montanna.

Eventually the rest of the clan arrived but almost just as I had to drop Dougie and Jenna off at 5pm, sharp.

Got the rest bathed, cooked a proper meal and all was done to be ready for Monday, last day of February.

Noid bought me a gorgeous deep purple costume for our sea trip….which is me in the pic below. I love it!

Anyway, I miss my husband, I can’t do this two homes thin anymore… Oi veyz…..but what else is new? What’s new with you?


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Wenchy doesn’t wear prada.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Dear friends,

Shopping. I am not sure how normal I am. Wha ha ha! Stupid statement that.

I HATE window shopping. If I have no money why would I taunt myself by looking at things I can’t have? That would be like going to a tattoo shop and walking out with no ink. I would be devastated!!!

I do like grocery shopping, slowly and with Liam. He is great company for grocery shopping.

I don’t mind clothes shopping if I am wearing my Clinique chocolate ice lipstick and Angel perfume and feel good about me.

Todays picture is me is sitting on the floor at Edgars Sports in Eastgate round 4pm. I was done! Tired! We had been at it for hours and my hip bones were saying ‘Howzit!’

My husband is off to Swaziland for a conference and he had a number of things he needed to get. I have come to the conclusion he is a bit of a clothes slut. With all respect! He loves buying clothes.

Also, Kevin needed some basics as his was finished passed its wear by date……so we shopped…..for shirts and pants and underwear and socks ….and other STUFF not on the list.

Off course we couldn’t buy for just one kid so everyone got something including me….who is NOT complaining looking at a purple bathing suit for our upcoming holiday…..and a branded cricket shirt when I hate cricket. Hahahah….. There is a certain irony in that Suzette is gonna rip me off about. Cricket is just too much maths for me, period!

Now I just need a branded Cheetahs shirt and a shirt that says “WεηchƔ. I am famous. Online.” Please add that as the first item to go on my birthday list!!!!!

Go well…. I wish you enough money never to window shop again!


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Sponge Bob

Shalom averim,

  • Am tearful tired. I admit crap that other people hide. Not sure this is a plus on my side, but at least it is real.
  • It is Thursday, 24 February 2011. It has been five months since Noid and I eloped. We have come so far in so many ways, our life remains complicated but good. At least the marriage relationship part is excellent.
  • I feel I am heading for exhaustion, burn out, whatever the correct words are for ‘fokken moeg’.
  • I am in desperate need of relaxing but I am short on silence and consistent sleep….
  • I am unsatisfied with my lack of energy, my tears because I feel a failure in not loosing weight nor exercising – and not even remotely trying.
  • I am frustrated inside and uncomfortable in my skin….. I need to change this aspect desperately, but my head and my mouth or something is not making the connection!
  • My husband has spoiled me with the fabulous Brazilian hair, porn nails, I had my eye brows waxed, big yay, and my toe nails painted purple off course. He has made sure my ulcer is being treated although it is so expensive and is encouraging me to have my bone tests done…. We going on a family holiday in less than a month and a 2nd ha ha ha honeymoon some time later – am starting a small collection of sweets – will share more later. All so many things I am hugely thankful for! Thank you love! Such an exciting life I do lead. I love you baby!!!!! Thanks for working so hard.
  • I am keeping up at work, I put in a lot of effort and while I am NOT interested in a career … Let’s be honest, I am a mere glorified slave and there is no real career to ‘head slave’ lol – nor would I want it!!!… I do want to be the best slave I can be however….. this said, I am very tired, but again, thankful for a place of work I am happy at, nice people who let’s me be me and whom I do go the extra mile for because I feel treated well and because I HATE dropping the ball.
  • Noid, myself and Kevin went to dinner at ‘The Radium’  (the oldest pub in Johannesburg) to celebrate Kyle’s 18th birthday last night. I love Kyle very much and am thankful for who he is and what he brings to all our lives. Happy birthday Kylie! …..and thanks to my husband for buying into my random adoption of kids. 🙂
  • I miss going to the theatre, have not been since Dec hahahah. Kev also mentioned this last night. Must check what is on….
  • Since Kev now has his learners for his scooter he is giving it a bit of odd driving. Every time he leaves, my heart stands still.
  • Liam pretended he is a dog this afternoon so I let him howl outside by himself… only to find Tapelo inside howling back at Liam. Tapelo is 4. Liam is 14. Yes , it’s crazy.
  • My new tattoo is too small…. not one comment on it. Not one. HATE THAT.
  • It is 29 days, 9 hours, 43 minutes, 58 seconds until the Waltons go on holiday.

My picture for the day: Kevin and I went to buy guitar strings for Kev today and saw this Sponge Bob guitar hero pant guitar. Nic will know what I mean! That is what we call Nic… Minus the Sponge Bob part. 🙂

Laila tov,