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Monday, 7 February 2011 – Picture of me, by me… driving to fetch Kevin from school this afternoon.

  • I have been reading, hearing and feeling jealous of those having Brazilian blow-outs… after tweeting and finding out more about costs, experience etc, I have found that the special my hairdresser (a friend of Noid’s – he always knows somebody who knows somebody lol) has offered me will be well worth the cost… I am so tempted. 🙂
  • I’ve been sick in bed today. My stomach ulcer is playing up. Very unpleasant. Sore. Sore. Sore. Is not sexy behavior at all.
  • I still typed a set of minutes today, followed up on issues…. it is stupid…. it is not like I won’t have to put in for leave all the same.
  • I had the twice monthly experience this morning of leaving Noid’s before 6am to get to my kids on time.
  • I watched “My Fair Lady” with Victoria and Liam tonight. So happy that they knew many songs from having heard me sing it.
  • Chances are good I am finally going to meet my sister, Mary-Ann on our way down to the coast… after having last had contact with her when she was four years old at our fathers funeral in 1984. I’m kinda excited and scared… what if she doesn’t like me? Nahhhh… what’s not to like? hehehehe

I wish you enough,


11 responses to “Ink”

  1. So exciting to meet your sister again. She is going to LOVE you!!
    Im the same when it comes to work, in fact I am going in for an hour or two tomorrow on my maternity leave… not proper at all!


  2. All I want is a room somewhere…


  3. I found out that those brazillian things can make your hair fall out if you dont use the right shampoo – so make sure you have a sulphate free shampoo! True story that!

    YAY for meeting your sister 🙂


  4. Thank you for posting the last 38 days! I have enjoyed every single one of them!
    There so much to love/like about you my friend…….A beautiful soul indeed.


  5. The Brazillian blow out is very scary, please look at potential risks beforehaving the service done. Also the shampoo you are permitted to use after the service is very expensive, trust me. Though this is not one of our products it has caused many headaches for us!


  6. Nah, if she doesn’t like you she is not worth knowing…


  7. Be very careful getting your hair done. It’s so bad my hairdresser refuses to do it for any clients, which to me says a lot. Ooh meeting your sister will be awesome.


  8. I had the treatment done in the beginning of December and I assure you I still have all my hair 😆

    The shampoo and conditioner is not really that expensive as I normally use salon products anyway (about R200 each for 290ml).

    Your sister will LOVE you – what a silly question.


  9. Sorry to hear that you not feeling well – hugs my friend.

    I hope that meeting your sister will meet up to all your expectations!


  10. Great “news” we meeting your sister.

    Hope you feel better. Glad you eventually got to the doctor


  11. Good luck with the sister meeting! Sjoe…that’s quite an event hey?


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