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An update of sorts.

Tuesday…. Reading in bed, really enjoying the book recommended by my friend Suzette at work. Dankie suster.

Another day stuck ill in bed, meaning another day of worrying about falling behind at work. Noid is ready to ship me off to the emergency ward…. I am not that fond of that experience… Unlike Liam I know Greys Anatomy is not real!!

I miss Noid. He is very busy with business plans that affect our future.

January was a crap month financially as it always is, but February appears to be competing! How utterly rude!

Kevin got a fabulous scooter from his Uncle Kevin, whom we refer to as Boet as it was difficult having two Kevin’s. My Kevin had his first riding lesson with his friend Dylan today. As I expected, dear Kevin moered off the bike at least once and is missing some flesh lol. Sorry, but is par for the course.

Liam is cool, Vic is showing some signs of anxiety which she explains as ’emotionally I don’t feel like myself’ which I am watching for pattern. Douglas has a sore knee cause he fell… Jenna and Nic are both fine, as far as I know.

Noid and I are celebrating Valentine on the 16th as it will be our 5th month wedding anniversary and I have asked for a tattoo as a gift….. he wants wine gums. Right up my budget that. Yay!!!!!

Been living alone very almost 6 months this month.

Still convinced I need a Brazilian blow out. Never had anything like that before…. and two friends who wouldn’t settle for crap and they both had it done recently, and I have seen their results which look bloody gorgeous. Sleek hair makes me feel sexy dammit.

I must be a pretty wife, mother and eventually corpse! No exceptions.

Anyway my husband can’t win branch manager of the year nationally and I look like I need a make over. I need to look the part! So we don’t know if he has won yet…. But we do know the race is close and his chances are splendid.

Oh, onto a pet hate. Woman calling their boyfriend, or fiance their husband, or worse hubby. Until you have both rings on your finger, discussed if you will have a pre- nup or not….he is not your husband. Was there two witnesses present and did the Minister ask all the legal questions? Until then he is a possible husband, an apprentice of sorts really! He may love you and you love him, but you are still a girlfriend, or fiance.

Same goes for his parents, they are NOT your in laws {they not in law or out of law with you} until you share the same surname! They are your boyfriend, or fiance’s parents. To them, you are a possible partner to their beloved…. you are an apprentice of sorts. They tolerate your crap now, until you marry, then the acceptance sets in, for the sake of seeing their son, and grandchildren that may or may not have already been born.. {Part of grieving of having lost their child to a woman who makes him drool, whose name is suddenly tattooed on his arm and whom he calls special names?} Off course they may truly love you all along, but unless married, they are not your relatives!

Clearly this is a simplistic, no grey area view of mine. I love being a wife, hated being the girlfriend or the clinical partner….fiance did rock my boat…. but being a happy and fulfilled wife trumps em all!

I wish you to be emotionally yourself,

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22 responses to “An update of sorts.”

  1. I saw the photo on Facebook of Kevin and his scooter. Very nice.
    Hope you feel better soon


  2. Have you read: Book by Emma Donoghue: You wont be able to put it down!!


    1. Look it up on Kalahari. 🙂 Never heard of it before.


  3. Hi, hope you feel better soon!
    Nice post (as always!) by the way!


  4. Hope you feel better soon. I’m with you on the pet hate, but unlike you I wasn’t brave enough to say it :0


  5. where is day 39 dammit??.

    And I will never be the wife .. always the girlfriend. I still don’t believe in marriage.


    1. Marriage is not a religion dammit. You don’t have to believe in it to gain access to heaven. You have to vote for the ANC. *sigh*

      I am not good with maths… you most know that. lol


      1. LMAO


      2. lol.. won’t vote for them anytime soon 🙂

        so I guess I am not going to heaven ?


  6. So sorry to hear you still not well – may Noid should rush you to ER. Wish I had more time to read. All I do these days are school projects and more school projects …


  7. Being the wife is good. But somehow feel like a half-wife because it’s his second life. Weird, that.


    1. Hello. This is your one third husband speaking……..


  8. February is looking great financially remember. Have you not heard me telling you how much the “possible” Nationally branch manager of the year is earning being paid this month?


  9. You need to stop enjoying the book so much! There’s no motivation to get better and coming back to work of you can lie in bed enjoying a good book. Meanwhile, I’m all alone at work wishing you were here. Selfish, but true.


    1. those were music to my ears!!!


  10. Luke shows lots of anxiety … he also says ” I don’t feel normal” .
    Wish I could help him somedays… I hope and pray he doesn’t have the same problems that Charn has.


  11. Barbara Kingsolver is one of my favourite authors… if you enjoy that one you must must read the poisonwood bible.


  12. Aaah yes, that “hubby” business when they’re not married annoys me too.


  13. Ahh, nothing as great as being the happy wife.


  14. I hope you’re feeling better?

    I’m with you on the hubby thing. R’s family always introduces me as R’s wife. I hate that and I very quickly explain to them that I am NOT the wife as that would involve a wedding tsk.


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