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I wish for you to feel hope, always.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

I love wire art and if you want to get me a gift, you will never go wrong with this one!

I love giraffe’s and this was a birthday gift from my very loving, loyal and caring friend from the x club, Adele. I love her.

I finally washed that grey right out of my hair! I enquired about prices of having your hair coloured at a salon and think I will stick to doing it myself as I have done since I was 14.

I am determined this will be a good and happy week.

Two male gender kids of mine is testing my patience.

We had a lovely supper of mashed potato, fillet, carrots, beans and spinach and ate outside.

I wish for you to feel hope, always.


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4 thoughts on “I wish for you to feel hope, always.”

  1. I also only colour my hair at home, although now I have to use 2/3 boxes cause my hair is so long it may actually pay me to go to a salon 🙂


  2. I coloured my hair myself for many, many years. I’ve found a divine hairdresser here in my little dorpie and for a wash, cut, blow and colour she charges R330 which i don’t think is too bad? or is it?

    Love fillet with mash. yum yum yum.


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