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I wish you a star to wish on.

Thursday, 17 February 2011 ….. Porn nails are back!!

Everyone in this house appears to have some degree of flue… Currently Noid and Liam is giving each other a run for who can be at deaths door first, as when you ask either one of them, they will tell you they feel like death.

I may be over sensitive or completely paranoid but I fear there is a storm brewing at work. Iets voel net nie vir my lekker nie.

The U2 concert really was amazing.

I received a lovely order for Tranquil Body Treats from Cape Town…. not the first time these products I love is off to the mother city but I get a kick out of it all the same.

I am really tired. I use to drink those McNabs energy packs daily… Perhaps it is time to start taking them again. They truly did help.

I want to go for the buffet at the Voortrekker monument. My mother Mary in law told me about it and at the words sago and souskluitjies I got stuck.

36 days before we off to the South Coast for a spot of family orientated holiday for 8 sleeps! I am excited to go somewhere as a family, to see Mel, Heather and hopefully Shireen….. I am finally ‘meeting’ my sister Mary-Ann…. and I hope we can take the kids to Ushaka.

Okay…. I wish you a star to wish on.


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4 responses to “I wish you a star to wish on.”

  1. Sjoe, the time is getting closer for your family vacation. I’m jealous 😦
    Liking your nails.
    Good luck with everyone which is sick in your home.


  2. The nails look lovely my Dear.

    This flu is really not nice hey!

    Hope all is fine at work where you have found happiness again


  3. Hope you’re wrong about the storm at work.
    I’m very jealous of your holiday!


  4. I have read all the posts I need to catch up one – but leaving you one comment.

    Love you hair! I am contemplating the same although I am in the process of making peace with my Diana Ross curls.

    I know that storm brewing feeling – I also get it. We woman have instincts. I hope yours are wrong.

    Love the tatoo. My 6 year old love your tatoos. I see drama in the future. LOL!

    Keep on looking forward to that holiday – it makes everything easier.


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