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Dear friends, fuckwits and other interesting creatures –

Tuesday, 22 February 2011 – Photo of me, by me…. showing off my new purple glasses…. since my dental surgery, I admit, I am not so big on smiling anymore.


  • Firstly the Brazilian Michelle did for me is fantastic. I washed my hair for the first time today and let it air dry. It was not dead straight but there is no frizz at all and it looks pretty much like the job I personally would have done with my GHD, so I can only imagine how fabulous it will look when I do grab that purple GHD!
  • I am hugely impressed. My hair is soft, I’ve had random compliments from total strangers and people at work besides off course my husband. The treatment and cost are well worth it, and I can totally see myself doing it again!! Besides Michelle is lots of fun to be around so you even get entertained while you get pretty.
  • It is It is 31 days, 6 hours, 41 minutes, 10 seconds until we leave for our family holiday at the sea. 🙂 I am very much looking forward to it. Just to clarify, I like looking at the sea, there is nothing I wanna do in it, or with it. Goed.
  • I googled the doctor on the hospital web site. I sent the meeting request, he accepted. We saw the urologist yesterday and Noid and I are pleased to have come to the conclusion that we are having a vasectomy in the (very) near future. Well, my husband will be having the vasectomy, I will be kissing it better.
  • There is a time and a place for everything and our time for babies is over – we clearly have spare kids already.
  • Moving right along….with my party venue and giraffe theme sorted, (it is my birthday in 110 days, 7 hours, 7 minutes, 22 seconds) – I have decided to turn my thoughts to Kyle and Kevin’s celebrations who are both turning 18th, and Noid’s 40th.
  • My birthday is regarded as a big birthday EVERY SINGLE YEAR because I declare it so and because I may be dead by next year *one never can tell*….
  • As for the rest of the clan, they don’t seem to embrace cupcakes quite the way I do, but 18 and 40 are BIG birthdays by normal standards…. also darling Nic is turning 21 this year, but his Mom will be rocking that party.
  • …. Liam is turning 15, Victoria 12, Douglas 11 and Jenna 8 – so normal birthday fun for them. 🙂 We never miss a reason to celebrate.
  • My Mom’s health is slowly deteriorating. Victoria asked me tonight if granny is going to die. I said yes… Victoria said to me “Couldn’t you just say, yes Victoria, but not for a long time?”….. I told her that I could but I am not in the habit of lying to my kids so I am not going to start now. She sighed and then we did one of our favourite things, we say from her choir book the odd song and the world was okay again, for now.
  • The house selling appears to be a long and painful process…. taking its toll on Noid and I missing each other very much.
  • Kev is writing exams at the moment.
  • Liam is on thin ice. I suggested maybe he goes to bed early….. until death us do part of so iets.
  • Victoria loves her new glasses. Excellent fashion accessory she thinks…. and is reading non-stop.
  • Work is hectic and the storm I picked up on…. not sure how it is affecting me as yet, but I do see a (bad?) moon rising.
  • The medication for my stomach ulcer alone was over a R1000 for the next thirty days of treatment? For all my currently prescribed meds it was close on R2000 today and I had to pay in R600….. sjoe.
  • Made me feel crap that so much money has to be paid for me to be pain-free, and this is without anything for the bone illness… just stomach, anxiety and blood pressure. That’s it.
  • I am supposed to go for bone scans and nonsense soon…. so they can decide on a course of action there, as the anti-infammatories is chewing my stomach and for me to lead a productive life and not be my mom in twenty years…. something, somewhere has got to give.
  • Anyhow, there is more I wanted to write, but I am tired, need sleep…. and on the verge of tears ’cause I miss my husband….
  • Love you baby. xxx
  • Oh, I need some more Tranquil Body Treats orders for end February. Mail me dammit!!!!

I wish you lazy days, souskluitjies and a good book.


8 responses to “Stuff”

  1. Sorry about your mom. Sterkte. Your hair does look pretty.


  2. hinking of your mom and you!!
    LOVE the hair 🙂
    yay for Noid manning up and having the snip! I told Paul that if he is so certain we are not having more kids he needs to go do the big V… So far he hasnt mentioned anything 😉
    Wow, so many big birthdays! Awesome.
    Also, just wante dyou to know that I read every post even if I dont comment 🙂


  3. I like to read posts like these about you and your life and family. It’s very informative and entertaining and gives an insight as to what is going on in your life. Thus we can be there for you if you need us 🙂
    I like you more in the glasses than without it. You look stunning with the glasses.


  4. Sorry about your mom, thinking of you!
    Good luck to Kev for the exams,
    Have you tried Clicks pharmacy for your meds? they’re cheaper than most (also discem, if you have one nearby)
    o yes, and the hair looks very pretty (as do the purple glasses)


  5. Isn’t it lovely to be frizz-free – even on rainy days? Loving it.

    Sorry that you have to take so many meds – that sucks.

    Kissing it better nogal 😆


  6. Cant wait for the kissing better!

    Is late so short comment for me!

    Love you too and am not sleeping cause I miss you


  7. ((hugs)) hope you sell that house fast


  8. You know, I’ve only ever had souskluitjies at your mom’s house….


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