Wednesday, 23 February 2011

There I was minding my own business, typing what feels like endless minutes when one of the young guys in my team walked in and handed me a gift of glittered, cupcakes with smarties!!! He said that he just wanted to say ‘thank you’.

I cannot tell you how deeply touched I felt. Not just because he took the time to say ‘thank you’ but because in my non stop, never shutting up talking… he actually listened and he knew I had a craving for smarties, that I loved cupcakes and that I love glitter.

It was a beautiful gesture, much appreciated and one that will always make me feel I may not be a nuclear scientist, but I am good at what I do, and it doesn’t always go unnoticed.

Obrigado Bruno muito!  Eu aprecio.

Btw, voting between a radio in the office or me….. I won! heheheheheh

10 thoughts on “Obrigado!

  1. I hope you made some time to have your small cry because of the cupcakes. Please tell me about the coming storm at work tomorrow. I don’t want to be caught outside without an umbrella.


  2. I sooo wish that bosses would only notice that a little ‘thank you’ does so much more towards motivating people than stupid performance assessments and arguments!


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