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Saturday, 26 February 2011

Dear friends,

Shopping. I am not sure how normal I am. Wha ha ha! Stupid statement that.

I HATE window shopping. If I have no money why would I taunt myself by looking at things I can’t have? That would be like going to a tattoo shop and walking out with no ink. I would be devastated!!!

I do like grocery shopping, slowly and with Liam. He is great company for grocery shopping.

I don’t mind clothes shopping if I am wearing my Clinique chocolate ice lipstick and Angel perfume and feel good about me.

Todays picture is me is sitting on the floor at Edgars Sports in Eastgate round 4pm. I was done! Tired! We had been at it for hours and my hip bones were saying ‘Howzit!’

My husband is off to Swaziland for a conference and he had a number of things he needed to get. I have come to the conclusion he is a bit of a clothes slut. With all respect! He loves buying clothes.

Also, Kevin needed some basics as his was finished passed its wear by date……so we shopped…..for shirts and pants and underwear and socks ….and other STUFF not on the list.

Off course we couldn’t buy for just one kid so everyone got something including me….who is NOT complaining looking at a purple bathing suit for our upcoming holiday…..and a branded cricket shirt when I hate cricket. Hahahah….. There is a certain irony in that Suzette is gonna rip me off about. Cricket is just too much maths for me, period!

Now I just need a branded Cheetahs shirt and a shirt that says “WεηchƔ. I am famous. Online.” Please add that as the first item to go on my birthday list!!!!!

Go well…. I wish you enough money never to window shop again!


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2 responses to “Wenchy doesn’t wear prada.”

  1. shopping makes me tired, but it seems you did well and ticked all the must have boxes {socks and the like}, purple cozzie sounds nice.


  2. Glad I could help with all those needs


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