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Sunday, 27 February 2011 ~

Noid un enthusiastically left for Swaziland this morning. I admit to crying. 😦

I got to spend time with Douglas (10), Jenna (7) and Kevin (17). The rest were all over the place. I had a great time. It was funny to see us all in new clothes today! Ook min gewoond en so. *wink*

We booked our tickets at the movies to see ‘Big Mamma’. Not my first choose but it seemed everyone else had seen ‘Tangled’ I had hoped to see, and it was the most kid friendly movie.

Exclusive Books were next where Jenna sat on my lap and we read about a cat.

Off to Rosebank Flea market. We had croissants, looked at books and as I had a very specific guest gift in mind for my birthday lunch, this was the place to be. Yes, the smaller, intimate affair of a buffet luncheon. I got exactly what I wanted! Yay!

I would still like some yen type stones and candles to decorate the tables…… then all is done. Would love to arrange a welcoming cocktail, but sjoe…. so much of monies.

So far I have mentioned one idea for his big birthday in July and Kev is leaning towards an Indian cuisine restaurant. I don’t do Indian…. So naan for the woman he gave stretch marks. LOL

Anyhow! Back to the movies with popcorn, slush puppies and smarties. The movie was predictable but entertaining and no complaints from the kids.

Had to stop at Clicks for lunch time treats and meds for a cold sore. Sexy!

Off to Woolworths for few things where Kev played guitar, Douglas was doing rugby stuff on my PC from a collection book he wanted. Jenna was doing Hello Kitty stickers while I tidied up…..and we watched some Hannah Montanna.

Eventually the rest of the clan arrived but almost just as I had to drop Dougie and Jenna off at 5pm, sharp.

Got the rest bathed, cooked a proper meal and all was done to be ready for Monday, last day of February.

Noid bought me a gorgeous deep purple costume for our sea trip….which is me in the pic below. I love it!

Anyway, I miss my husband, I can’t do this two homes thin anymore… Oi veyz…..but what else is new? What’s new with you?


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6 responses to “~ no polka dot bikini”

  1. Your purple symbolizes justice and in time justice will prevail and things will go your way !


  2. You had a great Sunday. Ours was unspeakable. Horrid. Ok, enough.


  3. You look absolutely gorgeous xx


  4. Love the cozzie!


  5. Glad you like the Cozzie. I like it too. You look sexy!!

    Thanks for spending time with kids. Sounds like you had a great time.

    Love you


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