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“Hanna Hoekom”

Monday, 28 February 2011 – Me in my bedroom….. Victoria, Liam and I watched “Hanna Hoekom” which has a huge resemblance to ‘The Walton’s’ if I am honest.

  • I again shared the title of “Distributor of the month” for Tranquil Body Treats. I actually cried. Is silly, is a small thing but it makes me happy.
  • I have set myself a proper target this month and I need ALL the help I can get to reach it… so please be kind, and spoil yourself with a bit of a body treat. If you would like to be added to my mailing list, leave me a message. 🙂  I need the validation!
  • Saw a gorgeous “South Africa” bag at the Rosebank flea market on Sunday. Looked too expensive to ask the price, so I didn’t. 😦
  • Am really happy with the gift bags idea so far for my birthday….. now for the presentation of such…. and decoration.  It is ONLY 103 days, 20 hours, 34 minutes, 39 seconds to go to until when I was born you know. :p
  • So far Kev is flying into his Matric year… two A’s for these set of exams. He is making me very proud.
  • I am feeling a tad lost at the moment…. anxiety present but not overwhelming, but I am not feeling depressed.
  • Noid is in Swaziland on conference and I miss him. During the week we do not spend much time together, but right now it feels like I am missing a limb. I want to have a small cry and go howl at the border post until he gets back!
  • Our elopement caused much emotional upset and has influenced my level of closeness and trust in friendships. There is nobody I am spending much time with in reality, only our kids and Noid. I work, I take care of kids, I see Noid when I can and that is my life right now.
  • I feel excluded. Not overwhelmed by invitations – I am not pregnant, I am not planning a wedding, I am not building a new business, I am not loosing weight or excercising…. I seem to have little in common with anyone and feel I’m not missed. Yes – pity party. I hate feeling like I never mattered at all.
  • I’m exhausted beyond explanation on every level imaginable.
  • I am hungry – all the time. It’s disgusting.
  • I’m in love with Milo milkshake from Wimpy.
  • My neck and shoulders feel in permanent spasm. It’s sore and must piss off. I don’t have time for this crap.
  • Work …. I am happy with what I am delivering, watching the drama unfold slowly. Hoping for more of a romantic comedy than a horror movie.
  • Isn’t that lovely? My friend Fiona made that picture for me. Thanks Fi.

Night my friends


10 responses to ““Hanna Hoekom””

  1. Stunning picture of you and Noid!!!
    Will place my order after the debits have gone off 😉 Going to try get both specials 🙂


    1. Thanks so much!!!!


  2. Well you were missed at Ladies on Lunch – invite was sent to you!


  3. I hear you on the feeling of loneliness… mine is mostly self induced because I’m choosing to believe that it’s because everyone thinks I’m too busy to see them.
    Well done on the Tranquil Treats thing 🙂


  4. Happy to hear that Kev is flying through Matric. That is wonderful.
    Sorry to hear that you are so lonely. I on the other hand love feeling like that and these days don’t get much time alone.


    1. I love time alone, but being alone and lonely are two different things.


  5. Lol The Waltons is like 30 years old. 🙂 I completely forgot about them.


  6. Well done to Kevin … and to you on your “Distributor of the month” status.

    Sorry you feeling so lonely lately – hopefully its for a season only .

    My TBT order is on its way!!!


  7. Well done to you! I too am feeling lonely – my BFF is leaving for Oz in 3 weeks and I feel like I am going through a divorce of sorts.


  8. I really missed you while I was gone too.



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