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Thursday, 3 March 2011

Today’s picture is sneaking in just before midnight as I {almost} forgot to take one!

So, you have my very attractive toes painted with Essie’s “Sexy Divide”, a glimpse of a tattoo or two and my current bath collection of Tranquil Body Treats.

What you cannot smell is the vanilla body butter I am soaking my tired bones in. Yum.

Okay firstly, I want to wish my long time friend Vicky, who is also my daughter Victoria’s godmother a very, very happy 12th birthday. Yes, 12. *smile* Love you more than creme soda, custard slices, chicken pies and hustling guys playing pool! *wink*

Secondly, today was one of the worst days I have experienced at work since my transfer from actuarial hell to consulting, which I am hugely happier with on any other given day.

Absolutely nothing went right today! …. so by the time I got in my overheating, non air-con working car that has lovely new tyres {notice the silver lining there!}, I promptly started crying and rocked that look for some time after.

My children have chosen this time to behave like trolls which started earlier in the week but seems to be on the up again. Assholes. Right on time to visit their Dad they start behaving!

I fetched a delightful batch of special biscuit from Oom tonight for a lady at work and some additional smiley face biscuits for orders I took for him from work. Oom and I are actually pretty close in age, but I call him Oom and he calls me Odd Head Lady. His name is actually Will and I unfortunately do have an odd head! He is gay so if I was more of a lady we could have been “Will & Grace”? That thought only came to me this second and I found it funny!

My husband and I sat on the stoep tonight like old people do. He smoked and drank coke and I well…. I just drank some coke. Not something I do often. Is really nice to have him back. Nice to have someone to run stuff by, nice to just be with him and know he is HERE. I love him.

I helped with loads of school projects from the boys tonight and very happy I am no longer at school. We worked on it way late. Don’t ask.

I asked Oom to bake some biscuits for me yesterday that read “#1 Dion” on them to celebrate my husbands fabulous accomplishment, so I dropped by to give Douglas and Jenna a biscuit. Douglas thought it was cool, while Jenna said the one I got Noid for Valentines Day was much nicer ’cause it was a heart and had flowers and everything. I had to laugh.

My neck spasms are getting worse. Who does one see for such things? I can’t continue like this, I am not a giraffe?

I do need to buy more of those vitamin packages, the McNabs one with the cool quote in {yes, that would have me buy them}with the huge tablets that makes one gag. They work however!!

It is well past midnight now and yes, I am still typing in the bath. I shall try that sport I have heard about…. «Sleep» next!

I wish you vanilla body butter, well-behaved kids and a man who gives long lingering kisses.


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3 responses to “#1 Husband”

  1. Look at you. So damned normal. Complaining about work and kids being jerks and feeling overwhelmed. Happy about friends and loving your husband. You know…there was a time for both of us that such talk was completely inconceivable. You’ve come a long way, baby.


  2. I like those biscuits you got for your hubby. They are cool.
    I like the pictures you post.


  3. Thanks so much for the biscuits, kind words and congratulations.

    I LOVE You More!!


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