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Saturday. March 05, 2011

Dear friends,

Leigh-Ann posted some comments from clients on the Tranquil Body Treats web site and it occurred to me that being a great fan of the products generally and a distributor {apparently a rather decent one!}, I should give some honest reviews.

Since I started using the Tranquil Body Treats last year products last year, it is no secret I fell in love.

I have slowly replaced all the beauty products we had regularly used with Tranquil Body Treats…. except for make up {Clinique} and shampoo {I use the special shampoo for my Brazilian blow out, still something I highly recommend!!}!

Naturally one cannot buy all products at once but slowly I have built up a very decent selection with the compliments of my husbands cheque book, so I will do my best to give you regular reviews.

Today’s picture and review centres on the Mandarin shower gel. I do use shower gel on a daily basis {it also shaves well} but this one was gifted to me and not a fragrance I would have chosen myself.  Clean and fresh, beautiful consistency but to fruity and citrus smelling for my taste …. which is exactly what Noid loved about it, since I asked him to try it out also. So, there you have it. I did however think it worked well with the Peppermint and Tea Tree foot salt scrub I used during the same shower. Seemed to compliment each other well, followed by the Peppermint and Tea Tree foot mousse.

Leigh-Ann is a very proper, decent and loving individual whom I can say I adore….. and seeing her dream flourish brings me great joy!


Anyhow……. Noid took this picture of me this morning. On Thursday evening I slept a mere four hours so I made up for it last night… apparently I also took up a fair amount of space on his bed.


Noid and I finally left his house round 12h00 this morning. Off we went to register me in my current voting area where I have been living for seven years! Yes, I have been voting, but I would drive to my previous area to do so… now I can just walk a block down to the voting station. Proper. Noid is already registered there.

Then we went to sort out some issue with a subscription of Noid’s at a DVD/CD shop…. DVD’s are to Noid as books are to me, so I did my best to not react to his excitement at buying STUFF…. although I admit, I got a lovely sloppy love song CD amongst other things. 🙂 Thank you.

I did have to still my addiction also and went to Dischem and bought my McNab vitamins… although I couldn’t find the “Oils for daily living“….. My darling husband and I had a spot of lunch at Mimmo’s at Park Meadows which is where I took this picture. I thought he looked hot standing there. 🙂 Btw, I am still addicted to Milo milkshake. Oh another thing that impressed me was that my ankle chain broke this morning and Noid knew how I feel kinda nakkid without it and had it fixed at once. That was kinda kick ass to me.  

The rest of the afternoon I watched a little bit of TV, soaked in the bath… and Noid watched the rugby…. and I wrote this blog.

I wish you ribs, onion rings and Milo milkshake….. oh and a foot scrub. You can’t go without a foot scrub!


6 responses to “Lovely weekends”

  1. Am hearing so much about Tranquil stuff.

    What would you recommend for me to start with? I LOVE my bath’s and use a bubble bath every night. Not much into the citrus flavours. I tried a Chocolate Milkshake bath stuff from another blogger, but was not blown away by it.

    Let me know what you would recommend. Wld you be happy to post goodies to me?

    Lovely husband you have xx


    1. I prefer the bath oil to the milkshake. The body milkshake don’t bubble enough for me! I love the vanilla bath oil with vanilla body bash and oh the vanilla body scrub!…….. And off course posting to you is no problem at all! Xxx


  2. LOL love the sentence you ended with! wish you ribs and onions rings too 😉


  3. Ooooh, I could really do with some ribs and onion rings right about now.


  4. It was indeed a lovely day we had together and thanks for indulging me with my “books”


  5. Ohh., Milo shake. That sounds lekker.


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