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Show Days

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Picture of me, just before the estate agent arrived for show day. Don’t enjoy the process at all!!

Had a gorgeous fillet at Farrenheit in Edenvale with Noid’s family today. Yum!

Did pop in at Genesis Jewish carnival thingie and for once Noid bought bigger books than me.

Saw Gina and Paul and finally met Faith who is adorable! Also saw my dear friend Joanne and met Akiva and our friend Michelle who made my hair so proper. She is not happy I have not coloured it yet so that made me wanna hide in a hole a little. My week is hectic, but I have to fit colouring my hair in somewhere tomorrow!

We seriously have something on every bloody day… I even worked extra tonight to make sure I don’t fall behind.

I wish you rare fillet, no gray hair and a 12 week old baby holding onto your finger.


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5 responses to “Show Days”

  1. Was such a nice surprise running into you guys!!!


  2. It’s a beautiful photo of you.
    No rare steak for me …. or 12 week old babies but thanks for the wishes!


  3. I really love your ring. Thank you for the fabulous wishes. Rare fillet and no grey hair is something I can totally live with. A 12 week old baby – NOT SO MUCH.

    I hope that there are not going to be too many show days.

    I wish you enough.


  4. I wish for more weekends like the one we had.

    With Fillet and Prawns and great company


  5. Excellent wishes, but I will pass on the baby unless it is someone elses’


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