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“After sex” by Essie

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Dear friends, en so –

At work we discussed what our names mean and I said apparently “Christel” means “Christ-like” and I said well that is a joke… I am not very “Christ-like“…. and Des and Suzette said ‘Actually you are very giving in love and that is very like Christ’… and I admit, I had a small tear….. it was nice to think they saw me like that, even if just a little bit and I didn’t even have to pay them.

Victoria said to me tonight… “I wanna become a famous blogger“… so I joked and said “Like me?” and she said “Not that famous Mom!”….. ha ha ha ha – I wish.

My picture is my toes being painted with “After Sex” by Essie. Very apt, hey?

4 responses to ““After sex” by Essie”

  1. LOL.

    Famous after sex? is that a good summary of todays blog?


  2. If I knew you were willing to pay to hear nice stuff about yourself…..easy money! I don’t even have to make anything up, just tell the truth!


    1. You really made my day. Dankie vriendin.


  3. all true my friend, and no money changed hands lol..


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