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Friday. 11 March 2011.

My picture for today is a plate I saw at Mr Price Home in Norwood Mall.

Tired of feeling tired. Almost holiday time! 14 days to go and we off to the sea with the kids.

I decided I needed an oil burner. Although I always see this odd-ness everywhere I had great trouble actually finding one. Thankfully my mother in law gave me the crystals to put on top as I did not know you needed a crystal. Do you add water to the crystal? I still don’t know.

The only thing I have found with ease is essential oils as Tranquil Body Treats i.e ME does sell them. Yay! I am adding this to my birthday list which you can view at the top of the page so I can be Zen and all.

My birthday planning, only 92 days away is going fabulous. Giraffe theme at the gorgeous Stone Cradle in Irene. My party pacts are sorted, everything bought and paid for, just have to pack into bags. I am exceptionally happy with it.

Although I would still like to get candles, stones and crystals to decorate the middle of the table with, maybe the odd giraffe. There are cloth serviettes on the table, but I would love some giraffe serviettes to compliment….have looked, so far found elephant and zebra which won’t do.

Although the Walton children will be there, I am not encouraging children to attend as the venue is not very child friendly and pricey… {Not Spur like last year!} which won’t make me popular but I am having a much smaller than usual celebration, so I hope everyone will understand. Dress is smart casual with a touch of Africa….. would be fabulous for the adventurous amongst us.

Now…..I figure if you still reading, you must love me. 🙂

All the usual things considered, my home sold on the second show day. Nope, we did not get the price we wanted or hoped for…but sometimes you cut off what holds you back so you can start again. Moving date is set for 1 June 2011….. 81 days to the big move! {I need a million boxes please!}

Noid and I have decided to rent until we find a spot we happy with to buy and have already started seeing places. Should be nine months of rental, 3 months of rental until transfer and hopefully next year June we in our house to live in until retirement! I am not residential hopping. I need stability…. so at least this will all be sorted by the time I turn 40…. leaving us to live another 20 years in that home before moving into a TINY place once all these millions of kids have moved on.


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4 responses to “Happiness”

  1. I read all way to end and still loves u


  2. Love the plate.

    And so glad to hear that you will be find a ‘communal home’ again. That’s divine.


  3. Was also still reading but you know I love you!


  4. Congrats on the house sale – glad to have the Waltons together again.


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