I need the love today.

I woke up feeling rather down this morning. I’ve seriously had it with waking up alone. I’m reduced to a puddle of tears this morning.

So I log on here but there is nobody here… I no longer track who visits, as per which person visited as it I don’t care who visits… just say HELLO!!!! My counter shows increased visits but my comments are minimal make me feel I may as well just password protect posts for the few that visit and we can have private tea parties all day long.

All we need is love….. and comments you know.



In Internet culture, a lurker is a person who reads discussions on a message board, newsgroup, chatroom, file sharing or other interactive system, but rarely or never participates actively. Research indicates that “lurkers make up over 90% of online groups” (Nonnecke & Preece 2000). – From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Author: WεηchƔ

In September 1997, “The Nocturnal Wenchy” started her blog. The blog remains painfully real but these days she is more of an intermittent Blogger! 😉

33 thoughts on “I need the love today.”

  1. Hi Wenchy

    Hope you feel better during the course of the day !


    (ps……I also have lurkers on my blog and know how you feel. Those readers share your intimate space…..I also recently put it out there “please comment !” as I was not sure if I was speaking to spam hits or all to myself !)


  2. Hi there…it possibly be one of the lurkers? I dont not mean to leave comments behind *u made me feel bad* it’s just that i know what u mean when u write ur thoughts and feel that we “vibe” when things are low. It’s not easy to wake up alone believe me I know hon..(p.s. is this comment pvt?)
    I do think of you always…
    p.p.s. i liked ur statement below re stepfamilies too…


  3. Hi there

    I’m a “lurker”. The reason why I don’t comment is cuz I’m extremely shy (yes, even under the anonymity of the internet) and don’t really have anything to say. I can’t really comment on your posts, since I don’t have any experience with any of the things you write about. I read your blog because it’s real and you’re an excellent writer and I love to know what’s going on in other people’s minds – and it’s good to see that I’m not the only one with struggles, and I admire you for dealing with yours so courageously.

    I’m a lurker, cause i honestly just don’t know what to say. I’m no good with it.


  4. Hi, I visit and don’t comment 😦 Sorry, but I never seem to have the right words. I don’t have my own blog but often wish that I did.

    I enjoy the “realness” of your blog and am very jealous of your tattoos! Thats the first time I’ve ever admitted that to anyone!

    Take care, hope you and your husband are living together soon, I understand all too well that “down” feeling.



  5. I read your blog when I have a few moments to spare and don’t choose NOT to comment, usually just pushed for time. I’m sorry if this upsets you but I’d rather read than not.


  6. Hello Baby….. I always comment!!

    So glad not to be a lurker…. that’s such an ugly word.

    Reminds me of a bottom feeding fish?


  7. I don’t visit here often enough. I love your blog in all its incarnations. And I just noticed your reading list – I love Paulo Coelho. What fun it would be to skip across the globe and have a tea party. xo


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