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Once photography enters your bloodstream, it’s like a disease.

Hello dear friends, lurkers and fuckwits –

  • I have not missed a single “picture a day” this year yet.
  • Now if only I can show the same discipline when it comes to food and exercise.
  • I have taken to burning oil in my room. Geranium is the current favourite and makes my room smell nice. Some say I must add water to the salt, some say not….. some say buy special salt, others say just buy coarse salt. I am not sure I am going to be very successful in this zen thing.
  • It has been MONTHS (almost a year?)since I had a Flickr account, a place I use to love and where I made so many friends. It feels weird having nowhere to post proper (non cell phone) pics.
  • First x-club meeting tonight in forever. I am looking forward to it.
  •  Our six months wedding anniversary is TOMORROW! 

 Here are the pics to bring me and you up to date.

I wish you something to look forward to.


16 March 2011 – Victoria reading. She reads lots.

17 March 2011 – My supper.

18 March 2011 – My own self in the bathroom at work. African hips and all.

19 March 2011 – Admiring my gorgeous wedding and engagement ring. I so love it.

20 March 2011 – The Top Gear show. It involved lots of walking, I got sunburned and although it was a long day and my bones didn’t enjoy that amount of activity, I truly LOVED the actual show and spending time with Noid. The day ended in a thunder shower and we got soak during the long walk back to the park and ride. SOAKED. 🙂

21 March 2011 – My son Kevin, the red Stig.

22 March 2011 – Had my nails done in anticipation of our sea side holiday…. we leaving early Saturday morning. 🙂

11 responses to “Once photography enters your bloodstream, it’s like a disease.”

  1. The colour of your nailvarnish is divine-if you know brand and colour name please let me know-all the purples I have are just too light!


    1. I love anything purple 🙂 This one is from Essie called “It’s genius” 🙂


  2. So jealous for your holiday!!! Enjoy!!


  3. Always love your photo’s, i have also not been on flickr for ages….
    Have a wonderful holiday….


  4. Soooo jealous for your holiday! But you deserve it, enjoy every moment! And take loads of photographs!


  5. My 11 year old daughter also reads a lot. It’s a lovely feelings seeing them be a bookwurm hey ? I can recommend the series of books by Meg Cabot about a girl with powers. The first one is called “Missing” I think.

    My daughter reports there are a few “swear” words like “bullshit” but it egged her on to read the books !


    ps try neroli oil ?!


  6. Enjoy your vacation! And congrats on your 6 month-a-versary.


  7. Enjoy the holiday and love that nail colour!

    I have given up on this year’s 365 – I think I just have too much going on in my life.


  8. Cant wait for the holiday. Love the toes!


  9. Excellent site! much success to you 🙂


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