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Day 3 #waltons Uvongo Holiday {Monday}

Today just flew by!

We spent the entire day round the beach…

We visited St. Michaels and Noid decided the waves to be not proper…..

We passed Lucky’s Discount Centre as I now needed a BIG umbrella…. Mmmmm we left with R700 worth of fishing gear, a gorgeous purple wrap….and an umbrella!

Eventually we settled on Margate beach. Not my favourite, too commercial but everyone else seemed to like it except that they all got slammed dunked in the waves, we got someone trying to sell us time share {ugh!!!!!} … and Noid bought another kite!

We had lunch at Larry’s {again}, Noid took some kids fishing, I shopped with others…then Noid took kids swimming and I started preparing dinner.

Girls are once again asleep straight after bathing and having dinner!

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7 responses to “Day 3 #waltons Uvongo Holiday {Monday}”

  1. Love the photo!!!


  2. Sounds like you guys are having a horrible time :-p


  3. Maybe St Michaels would have been better! I still have sand in all my orifices after being dumped by the waves at Margate!

    Larry’s was not as good as the first night…. They can keep their lunch specials!

    Thankfully no sunburn yet!


  4. I’m loving thses posts, I kind of feel like I’m there with you….


  5. Very envious!!


  6. I do love that photo of you two


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