Day 4 #waltons Uvongo Holiday {Tuesday}

Uvongo beach is few steps away and seems to be a favourite. We took the kids to the beach where my umbrella made things unpleasant for me, the sand climbs in everywhere even if you just sitting on the beach {I like the sea, just from a distance!} and I came to the conclusion our population’s sight is shot! Spec savers should be free, not just for under 12’s!!!!

Many men and woman alike look like shit. Men with huge boep stomachs parading on the beach, proudly showing off their love for beer, or that like woman, they actually have very little self control when it comes to eating! Woman may prefer dessert but men must prefer something else cause they not lacking in body fat!

Woman, much the same. The more normal of us will try at least by wearing shorts over the bathing costume, or a wrap but some seems to think they are Bo Derek at the sight of a wave.

I watch in amazement… and disgust but realize I may not be Mrs World but I didn’t see anyone perfect either.

I did pray to be anorexic again to that God that laughs when he hears me knocking. Stand up comic he nudges St Peter.

At home these people wouldn’t parade like this, but at the smell of sea water the Pamela Anderson in all fat men and woman are born.

Even I who would never wear a LONG short {I have glasses and have a mirror and under no illusion that I am fat} to my local Spar feel okay to wear a long shirt and shorts to the shops. Scary shit.

A nation of many fat, blind people at the smell of a soft serve ice cream and a rented boogie board.
The kids spent most of the afternoon in the complex pool…

Noid and I read {Since we have arrived, I have finished two books… ‘An Affair to Forget’ by Mari Opperman and Janie Du Plessis autobiography}. Noid is reading the new Wilbur Smith book…I thought I forgot ‘The Bean Trees’ at home but found it under my towels. Also in the midst of reading Paulo Coelho’s ‘Veronika decides to die’.

Noid and I had to go grocery shopping for braai and breakfast and later on Noid made a braai. He makes nice food, especially meat.

I hid chocolate eggs under the kids pillows. I wish I was my kid, but only for the nice moments.

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