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Day 5 #waltons Uvongo Holiday {Wednesday}

Noid made a fry up breakfast which I am convinced Jenna-Lee thought was mince.

We, the adults were not in the mood for the beach….so we went to Shelly Centre and did some shopping.

Afterwards the boys went go karting and the girls did those blow up balls on the water thing.

We had fish, chips and vetkoek by Shelley Beach and watched the waves.

I went to at least four book shops today which was awesome and Noid discovered a sweet shop. I am not big on sweets, but got lemon pie I am yet to try.

Oh we also sent our laundry in for washing today. Only 22kg’s!

Off to the beach. Kev actually did go swimming in the sea with the rest of the clan which makes a change.

We had dinner at a German restaurant at St Michael’s On Sea. Couldn’t pronounce anything but the food was great!

This is how the evening ended:

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3 responses to “Day 5 #waltons Uvongo Holiday {Wednesday}”

  1. Sounds like you are having a super time…


  2. Love that photo!


  3. Ahem!

    No more nakkid picture of me please!!
    Especially when i am asleep!


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