The Hills Are Alive Day #8 {The End}

Not much of an update today. I had an exceptionally terrible night. Didn’t feel like doing the cha-cha. Had scrambled egg on toast and by 9h30 we were on the road!

We drove for three hours and were back in Jo’burg looking at curtains. We dropped all our bits for washing and went to buy curtains.

Moving is exceptionally expensive!!!! Thanks to husband.

We fetched keys and I insisted on moving my clothing.

Got home, went to fetch keys and show the kids the new house – they seem very happy and helpful, but not sure how much they will enjoy moving by Monday!

Continued packing, coloured my hair, Liam James and Victoria made a packet butternut soup, chicken and hash browns for supper, bless them!!!!…. and off to bed.

Exhausted. Excited for the move but petrified as to my physical ability.

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The Hills Are Alive Day #7

Today was a lazy day. We did nothing but sit by the fire and read….{The morning was freezing}, had a simple lunch of toasted sandwiches, played a game of snooker and slept the entire afternoon. Dinner by candle light and back to bed.

In truth, my mind is very busy with what to do about work, that I desperately need to colour my hair, making target for Tranquil Body Treats for May {help!!}, my health, the kids transition to the new environment, Douglas’s 11th birthday, my relationship with Noid’s parents and my own, the unpleasant news Noid received, pondering the huge move this coming weekend and how I will physically manage although Noid told me to delegate and all will be fine, my birthday party at the zoo…please don’t let me be the kid where no other kids come to the party!! The royal bride and how she must feel tonight…. and my sock project – a busy place inside me head as you can see.

Oh so the sock project…. Please mail me a pair of socks from around SA and the world for me birthday on June 13th? I love funky socks and I am in desperate need with the kids having ‘stolen’ my socks!

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The Hills Are Alive Day #6

Noid left to play golf kinda during breakfast. After the grand of Champagne Sports Resort I found Tower of Pizza’s breakfast lacking, although it was very well presented and tasty.

I did not want to spend another day on a golf cart and the side effects of medication I am taking makes life challenging at times…. so we arranged for a later check out.

I went back to bed, read, spent time on the PC and eventually I got kicked out the room and sat outside having a drink waiting for Noid to finish who arrived at 1pm. It was thankfully not cold, but windy.

We drove to our next destination, Drakensberg Mountain Retreat where we have become friends. Thankfully it was not a far drive as nausea and driving isn’t nice.

Noid was kind enough to bring all our baggage in. It hit me that I wish we could pack and throw away emotional baggage as we able to do with material things.

Noid flew his huge kite, I had tea and played around on a very slow internet connection. Noid fell asleep with Giraffie.

The afternoon turned cold and dark and I felt kinda lonely and down…. contemplating what all needs to be done for the move this weekend, work and the difficulties I face there, relationships with our kids, friends,…. my health. I felt a tad overwhelmed, yet thankful for the great amount of good in my life. I have many blessings. Thankfully the sad went.

Our room is one we have stayed in before with a double shower which is kinda sexy, a claw bath the is deep and luxurious, a fire place…. It is spacious and beautiful.

We had supper by candle light, a long chat with the lady who runs the establishment and lots of reading by the fireplace.

My favourite moment of the entire day was Noid holding my face in his hands and looking at me as if I was more precious than gold.

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The Hills Are Alive Day #5

Early bath time treats for me with Rooibos and Vanilla Tranquil Body Treats. I don’t love the fragrance of the body wash, not distinct enough of either vanilla or rooibos, but the body scrub is divine!!!! Loved that.

On that note I won ‘Distributor of the month’ for the 7th month running! Yay!! Me!!!! Okay, look I will be so sad if I don’t complete a 12 month run, it will mess up my bi-polar, Gemini self completely, so please…..keep supporting!

To every single customer, be it a singular time you purchased or if you are an addict to the range like I am, THANK YOU!!!! I appreciate every single order and get a great kick out of your enjoying it. I report both positive and negative feedback back to Leigh-Ann and she is awesome in sorting out any unhappiness!

Btw, I am travelling with a lovely range of goodies for personal use. Noid was like ‘You are not serious? when I unpacked it at our first destination. LOL {I am already working out which range will go in which bathroom in our new house!}

Anyway!!!! I was reading ‘Oros vir die siel’, by Susan Coetzer {fiksie met ‘n boodskap} in the bath with a face mask on until Noid woke up. Btw, the book has given me an idea what to get for Noid for his 40th birthday in July.

We didn’t have much time as we had to pack and eat breakfast before Noid’s early morning golf.

We met up with a couple of total strangers but everyone hit it off well, no pun intended. Petro en Jan van Krugersdorp. Oulik.

Since I was last on the course they have added a GPS on the golf cart which I thought was cool. The second 9 holes I find the landscape prettier. I don’t really mind driving up and down, but I hate the heat! Noid seemed to have enjoyed it and after drinks and a tad of social chatter we were on our way.

Our destination, Tower of Pizza is nothing like I expected. It was suppose to be one of those roughing it options in our budget, but it turned out to be arty and fabulously Melville meets the mountain.

Dinner included coffee milkshakes that both my husband and I proclaimed was the best we have ever had…and off course, pizza! Delicious. Highly recommended in both accommodation and food!

In the evening, I received a picture from my fathers sister of me as a baby and my dad. I have never seen a picture of me as a baby, never mind with my father! I cried and cried and cried some more …. I did have a dad and he seemed rather fond of me!

A picture can say a thousand words a dead man can’t speak to his grown daughter.

How it amazes me that people like me who grew up without fundamental building blocks, or essential figures remain forever seeking where we belong and hide a hunger for recognition that indeed we came from somewhere and that we do fit.

Even I had a Dad. How ordinary I am after all those roads travelled.

The Hills Are Alive Day #4

A relaxing kinda, clear day where you can see forever!

After breakfast we visited the curio shop and met Giraffie! Ag, I fell in love at once and just there our giraffe child was born. Beautiful.

Noid decided to play golf today and I visited the spa quite unexpectedly. Having been to a few spa’s and beauty salons I love to see how each goes about business. The soft music was playing as I was shown to the ‘relaxation area’. A room with lounger type chairs overlooking the mountain with cold water if you wanted. It was rather relaxing I must say! The salon is tranquil and very professional.

I had booked a neck and back massage. Full body is a waste for me as my pain is more specific in those areas.

The therapist did not ask me a) what type of neck and shoulder massage I wanted, nor b) how hard or soft I wanted it. Grape seed oil was used and she did a Swedish massage on heated towels with really nice classical music. I think after physiotherapy I now expect pain from massage!

Besides this, the therapist was very interested in my tattoos and I really didn’t feel like talking! So, when I stopped she started making the quote true that tattooed people really do not care one bit why you are not tattooed!!!!

My next appointment was later in the day {as I fitted into appointments that had been cancelled} so I read the Oprah magazine next to the pool, listening to the people and their stories unfold around me, drinking my passion fruit and lemonade….. wondering how I got to lead this life.

My second session involved a full manicure, pedicure and eye brow clean up. I liked this therapist much better! She made me comfortable, did the manicure first, then the pedicure and had a proper discussion about where I want my eye brows going! She was so sweet saying she wishes I was a regular client of hers. I am sure I fell asleep during parts of the 90 min treatment was the beds were also warmed, I truly enjoyed this experience and thank my husband a million times over for spoiling me today while he played golf. It was tremendous.

When I got back to our room I see management had left us a bottle of wine and a letter of apology for having no hot water this morning. Nice touch I thought!

Wow! I wish I never have to go home…sadly this is our last night at Champagne Sports!

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The Hills Are Alive Day #3

Easter Sunday, our 7th month wedding anniversary!

Did not have the greatest night of sleep although the fire crackling was beautiful, the wind howling outside was great and our bed was truly warm and snuggly. Outside it was in the minus figures.

At 7:30am I woke Noid up after having had the coldest and shortest shower of my life. I was freezing!!!!! I dried off and jumped back in the bed. The floor was even cold to just stand and brush your teeth!

Noid said I did something wrong with the shower and he had a long and hot shower. Asshole.

The pub is the centre of the establishment and where everything happens. I ordered a hot chocolate and a beanie hat. LOL

Coming down Sani Pass was truly a joy ride in my opinion compared to the roads we had already travelled in Lesotho. I drove some and enjoyed it tremendously!

Back in South Africa, Noid took me to see a lake. I think it was called Kenmore Lake and it was magnificently beautiful! Autumn colours like you cannot believe. I imagined Jenty taking our family pictures there, wow!

We saw lots of hills, valleys and mountains, small water falls and gravel roads.

Finally found a spot to eat at the “Spotted Horse Inn” which was another beautiful view and awesome burgers.

Arrived at Champagne Sports Resort round 6pm. As always the hotel is beautiful and we received an Easter hamper in our room.

I was less impressed when a faulty shower head thingie sprayed the entire bathroom!

Dinner is a spread and it is soooooo difficult to eat little bits. I am going with little bits of lotsa things! Will be extra proper when I get home, am drinking my water at least!

These hotel duvets are something special hey?

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The Hills Are Alive Day #2

We woke on the banks of Katse Dam. Our room was toasty, the rest of the house bloody cold! I made us coffee. You know those in the sachet type with Cremora? Yuck. I did not drink mine. Noid had cold garlic rolls from the night before and kindly gave me a chop for breakfast. We left and 9:30am.

Lesotho is a kingdom of mountains, little water falls and a people of asking. Poverty and the simplicity in which rural Lesotho live is harsh and makes one aware of how much you have.

Everyone asks you for something, money and sweets being the main items. As we drove for hours and hours we handed out sweets we have been collecting for weeks. The children’s laughter and joy is heart warming……wish my children got that excited over a sucker.

At Katse we were told the river is flooding and we couldn’t go the way we had planned and had to take a detour of nine hours. Fuck that, give us a raging river! We don’t have a 4X4 for niks! We drove forever and hit the river, which we actually crossed twice in the end at different places successfully.

The roads were proper 4X4 roads and shake, rattle and roll has nothing on Lesotho. The road was long but beautiful. There is no infrastructure for a small hotel, restaurant or toilet…. less likable.

We finally arrived at our destination, Sani Top at 6:30pm… its claim to fame being the highest pub in Africa. We had booked a beautiful chalet, lit a fire and it was awesome. Inside the pub it was warm, the food good and it was a lovely evening!

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The Hills Are Alive Day #1

Hello again, hello…

Good thing we headed for the mountains as the day before had a most unpleasant afternoon. Parents with ADHD kids will know what I mean when I say these children with their total lack of boundaries can make you cry…..and eventually them!

The son in question sent a broadcast bbm to various people, which include our 7 year old with hugely inappropriate contact. Off course I had no idea.

The x wife of Noid contacted him and my afternoon was flooded in tears and frustration that the son couldn’t just be fucking proper. I do wish the x wife would have contacted ME since it is MY child causing the problem, and I have conveyed such.

It upset me very much and the son now has no phone, for how long I don’t know. My heart hurt so bad that we did leave 100 percent on a good note.

In the evening, I was hosting a group of colleagues at Jo’burg Civic Theatre. Thanks to my husband and Mogapi. We saw ‘The Sopranos’ and it was magical.

I cried when they did ‘Over the rainbow’, okay I sobbed, did break my upset from what had happened earlier.

This morning we woke up just after 6am, got ready, having packed already the day before. Did not help as it took 2.5 hours from home to Heidelberg. Usually I am not big on going away during peak times, and I am now reminded why!

What we hoped would be breakfast turned out to be lunch in Clarens. Clarens, although now very commercial, is gorgeous. It has many little shops and cute restaurants with real South African foods. I wish we could have stayed longer! We bought a quaint clock for our new kitchen.

We came into Lesotho at Caledon’s poort. They seem to have an honesty bar system, as you sommer declare whatever and they stamp your passport. No searching the car, no speaking English.

We drove through beautiful country side and at one spot stopped to give out sweets we have been saving for months.

The problem is in such poor communities are that a simple sweet is an item valuable to start a fist fight. Nobody speaks English to get them in an orderly anything is impossible. I tried give everyone one, but they attacked me in trying to reach my sweet bag to the point that at one stage I still had to see if my very small purple engagement ring is still on my finger!!!! Honestly did frighten me and made me sad that my life is so filled with abundance and these kids were willing to fight for a minute of sweet on their tongue. Sad.

Our destination for the night was Motebon Village, on the banks of the Katse dam in Lesotho which was a request from my husband. I googled like nobody’s business and found a spot. Now, I don’t “rough” it, but a house for two, self catering which I detest, I could do for one night for my husband to be happy.

We went on a mountain pass unlike anything I have experienced. In the middle of this, a sudden police stop. Okay then. Police man comes out wearing jeans, hoodie type top and displays his gun. Speaks awesome English and craps on us for not wearing safety belts. We rectify this at once. Here in the middle of mud huts and small kids running wild was the most sophisticated man we had seen so far.

On our way we went. We hit a rock pretty hard shortly after. Stopped but all seemed okay.

I took a pic of Noid at 3201m above sea level. Second highest pass in Southern Africa. The scenery is spectacular and you welcome to follow our trip on FaceBook in pictures. It was beautiful!!!!

We finally reached our destination after dark. We had chops and chicken, garlic bread and I had pumpkin.

I did leave goodnight easter eggs on our pillows, but did not eat mine. For the show en so.

Yes, I still owe you a Weigh-Less post. Is coming!

I am sure we were asleep by 9am! lol Old people!

“Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.” – Wayne Dyer

Oh there is also a sock project born yesterday while speaking to friends on Face Book! I would love for you to mail me socks for my birthday from all over South Africa and the world!!! Please? 51 days before my birthday!

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Have you truly lived?

Truly lived. When have you truly lived? What say you?

Perhaps as it is written try all things and hold onto the good. Maybe then you have truly lived.

Maybe if you have given birth, and observe life take from you whom you value most, be it a loss in death or life…. Perhaps then?

I don’t know.

What I do know is what makes me feel fully alive.

A thunderstorm.


Heart breaking tears.

Bonds with friends.

A husband who loves you.

Sincere words from strangers.

Physical touch.



The deep sore inside when my kids are not around.

Weak coffee.

Strong tea.

Missing those who are gone but carrying on.

Feeling 14, acting 37.

Smiling when you scared if you breathe everyone will feel your fear.

The words ‘It is approved’.

Living in a dream home.


Writing with tears rolling down your cheeks.



Compliments, given or received.

When you stand up again. Against the odds.

Perhaps you have truly lived when you feel true appreciation, when you acknowledge the good, when healing comes. When you don’t give up.

I think perhaps you have truly lived if you can show the same face with the happiness it carries, with the tears, with laughter and gratitude no matter who is in the room.

When your mask is gone and you feel no need to hide your core, you have accepted and take responsibility for who you are….. in actions and words – you are truly alive.

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Hello dear friends,

Pesach Seder at Jason and Cindy’s home was something I will never forget. Our friends are superb hosts, as a pretend Jew I loved the rituals, the different foods…. the at home family feeling… During the reading, I felt tears…. wishing I had gotten to meet Jay’s Mom before her passing. As Jay pointed out, we have only known them for year, but sometimes friendships are born from your soul and I feel they have always been here. I love them both.


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