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Day 7 #waltons Uvongo Holiday {Friday}

Noid and Douglas went to play golf in the morning.

The rest of us ate odd bits for breakfast and literally spent the entire morning in the pool. Again, an incredibly HOT day.

Jenna-Lee and Liam James made friends with two other kids who clocked in soon after Noid left…. and came to the pool with us.

At one point I hear Liam James say to Ian {the friend} that he must please not get so worked up because Liam James already read Ian’s medical alert bracelet and with Ian’s chest condition he will soon have an attack and Liam James may be mental but his chest is fine so death will be immediate for Ian, and Liam James does not want blood on his hands. I laughed and laughed. It was hysterical.

Later Ian who is a tad younger than burst into song. Something about baby and all night and I tried not to laugh. Then Liam James decided to copy Ian and did an Idols audition crossed with the gay “mom” from The Birdcage. Everyone around the pool laughed. Liam James took a bow as one does!

Kevin and I swam, talked, dunked the rest under water. We laughed allot. My kids are nogal quick on the wit!

Noid made tuna rolls for lunch, more swimming…. Reading, eventually fishing, more swimming and eventually bathing!

I tried the kids strawberry range from Tranquil Body Treats which was great!

We left for supper after 7pm, back to Larry’s in Margate to check out the sign we had made. The food was not as good however but it was a pleasant evening.

On the way home, round 10h30pm Noid took the kids out on the beach to write in the sand, on an island that had formed. Kids tell me Noid wrote “Noid 4 WεηchƔ” which one has to admit is pretty special.

Tomorrow is our last day…

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2 responses to “Day 7 #waltons Uvongo Holiday {Friday}”

  1. Gotta Love your Liam,sounds like everyone is enjoying themselves….


  2. Did you see there is a “Waltons 2010” sign behind ours!!!!

    Damn….. we are not the only Waltons after all!

    Didnt see it on the night.
    LOL on Liam


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