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Day 9 #waltons Uvongo Holiday {Sunday = THE END}

It is before 7am. I can’t believe tomorrow this time I will be getting ready to leave for work!…. and some serious searching for a place to move to in the next week or two!!!!

I do look forward to no sand everywhere and the pigment marks pregnancy left me with to go lighter again! I will miss everyone being together, even when it doesn’t always run t smooth.

Noid stopped on the way and bought me a pair of gold and diamond earrings. I thought them beautiful! Thank you!

I had started packing yesterday so we were on the road at 9h3am and arrived at my house at 6pm. We stopped three times.

Wanted to just thank Noid for all the love, effort, money, patience and working hard so we could have such a great holiday! Love you.

Just under three weeks until Noid and I are off on our second honeymoon! Yip….much looking forward to and needed one on one time for us before we all finally move in together the beginning of June.

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12 responses to “Day 9 #waltons Uvongo Holiday {Sunday = THE END}”

  1. Sounds like it’s been a fabulous trip!


  2. The time together was special despite the normal ups and downs that come with family life and the normal kids nonsense.

    Thank you for sharing the holiday and for the unforgettable times.

    I love you more!!


  3. Tomorrow is just one day closer to your next vacation..right?


  4. Cherish all the lovely memories of your holiday at the sea, sand everywhere.

    Good luck with the house-hunting!


  5. Wow, and a second honeymoon coming up! Glad to hear you are back safely.


  6. Treasure the memories you have created at your seaside holiday, sand everywhere … sounded like you guys had a blast.

    Did I tell you that my next road trip will definately take me to the beach!!!


  7. Welcome back, glad you had a great time!
    kinda makes me wish it was my turn now…


  8. Is there a problem here … my comments are disappearing. Been trying for about three times to leave a comment in this particular post … gremlins don’t want me to say what I have saying …


    1. The lost comments have been found … Yay.


  9. Got my postcard from the coast Yay ! Thanks Chris it was great fun following your holiday ,and your pictures were great. now looking forward to the next one !!!


  10. I have LOVED reading about your holiday at the sea and checking out the pics on FB. So glad your family got a much-needed break.xx


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